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The last time the gang played Dungeons and Dragons, they were on a mission to make Fat Neil feel special.

This time, on Community Season 5 Episode 10, the goal was to reunite Hickey with his estranged son, Hank (David Cross). Can it possibly be a coincidence that both of these missions seemed tdoomed o fail?

Is it a lesson in the futility of taking action? A commentary on the belief that our future is mapped out for us?

Or is the game just a fun excuse to get the study group to yell the word "hobgoblin" at each other over and over?

I'm not saying one way or the other - just watch Community online and find out yourself.

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Community Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

That's what I love about role-playing games--being told exactly what to do.

Hank Hickey

Hank Hickey: So, Dad, I'm just curious--what is it about Dungeons and Dragons that suddenly leaped out at you at age 60?
Professor Hickey: Dungeons. It'd be the dungeons.