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-In this semi-sequel to Community Season 2 Episode 14, the gang plays Dungeons and Dragons again--this time, to reconnect Professor Hickey with his estranged son, Hank (David Cross).

-Professor Hickey's son Hank has a son of his own, whom he will not let Professor Hickey see. He has not invited Professor Hickey to his grandson's birthday party.

-The gang, looking to reunite them, stages a game of Dungeons and Dragons to force them to work together.

-The Hickey family's fate hangs in the game's balance: if Professor Hickey wins, he is invited to his grandson's birthday party; if Hank wins, Professor Hickey agrees to not show up at family holiday events.

-But the game has the unintended consequence of splitting the Hickey men up onto separate teams.

-Eventually, the two Hickeys are the only characters left standing.

-But the two men bicker so much, they lose their opportunity to catch the game's villain.

-The gang decides that leaving the two Hickeys bickering, but together, is the best that they can do.

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Community Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

That's what I love about role-playing games--being told exactly what to do.

Hank Hickey

Hank Hickey: So, Dad, I'm just curious--what is it about Dungeons and Dragons that suddenly leaped out at you at age 60?
Professor Hickey: Dungeons. It'd be the dungeons.