Hart of Dixie Review: Renaissance Fever

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When Lemon is forced to choose between Carter and Enrique, Lavon comes up with a unique way for her to choose. Well... for fate to choose.

As all plans go in Bluebell, this didn't quite turn out how it was originally drawn up.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 15, Joel announces that Warner Brothers bought his book and will be turning it into a movie and that he'll be finally reaching his inevitable departure from the series.

Looking back at the episode, there are three key plot points that were entertaining and not so interesting.

FIRST, Wade was trying to win over little Harley by stealing the world's most adorable goat. As cute as this was, I couldn't have cared less. Only because I, too, am starting to get tired of Wade and Vivian.

I think that the writers are trying too hard to make Wade nice again and they're trying to butter us up before Zade, more than likely, reunites.

That said, it doesn't mean  I want Wade and Zoe back together; I'm just tired of the same od' same old.  I'm ready for something a bit more dramatic than animal-napping.

SECOND, there was another Zoe and Joel debacle that I also didn't care too much about. However, the great thing about Joel and Zoe's relationship is that they don't fight every episode like Wade and Zoe did during Hart of Dixie Season 2

You see, Joel is adorable and sweet. He treats Zoe like she should be treated and they mesh well together.

Now that Joel is going to LA with his new movie, he is finally making his exit from Bluebell. I may not be happy about him leaving, but at least the writers are making him exit for a good reason other than Zoe breaking his heart.

I have been afraid since the season premiere that they'd go with the "Zade" route to push him out of Dixie. It's a relief that he will leave for his career not because of his relationship.

The THIRD and most interesting storyline was Lemon and her two hot boyfriends. If it were me, I'd choose Enrique because, come on, who doesn't love a romantic Latin man? Well, maybe I'd choose Carter because he's safe and rich. He also has a delicious smile.

Oh man, it's no wonder Lemon fainted! I don't blame her for kicking them both out on the curb, that's a decision way too hard to make.

Speaking of, I do believe that my favorite pairing on this show is cannon once again. That's right, I'm talking about Lemon and Lavon. After three long seasons of hints and a few flashbacks of their short but intense love affair, I have always wanted more!

Unfortunately, it's at the cost of broken-hearted Annabeth... yet I can't stop myself from being excited about where this could go. As Lavon stated, the battle between her lovers would prove who she should be with. I agree with you Lavon... for once this season.

Also, Lavon has the most lavish breakfast buffets. He had scones, muffins and Danishes all laid out on his counter like he was going to be feeding the whole town of Bluebell. I love it and I also want to come over for breakfast.

Overall, this episode was okay. The only part that I was really into was Lemon's story and it seemed to help the episode flow as it was lacking in most other areas. At this point, Hart of Dixie needs to step up its game especially, with shows like Arrow setting the bar for The CW.

The great thing about Dixie is that it has a lot of great characters and potential to keep going. The only problem, the ratings are not reflecting our heartfelt show, so keep watching live and keep using social media to talk about it. Let's keep Bluebell up and running!

Do you want Joel to stay?

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