Modern Family Review: Kid Swap

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It was a parent and kid swap on Modern Family Season 5 Episode 17

The Dunphy/Pritchitt crew mixed things up by hanging out with other people than the usual suspects. So, which kids hung with whom? 

Alex and Manny

Alex and Manny combined this week to form a super smart duo that intimidated even the most cultured members of their family: Mitchell and Cam. The foursome hit up an exhibit at the LACMA, prepared to spend a day surrounded by art and history.

Mitchell: You know I'm surprised this particular foursome doesn't hang out more, considering...
Alex: We're the cultured ones in this family?

Apparently Jay buys his books in grocery stores and the best way to put Claire to sleep is to play a movie with subtitles. In all fairness, I have found some awesome reads at Costco. Also, it took me 18 years to enjoy subtitles and even then it was probably just because I got to spend a high school class watching movies. 

In every smarty pants group there's always someone who has to be smarter and better than the rest. That person is Alex. Rightfully so. I mean, she is the smartest one in the family. Poor Cam felt like a dummy when he studied up on one exhibit only to find out it was temporary.

Once Cam left, Mitchell became the dumbest. When Mitchell left, it was Manny. Always a competition.


Lily had a girls day with Gloria and Claire. They took her shopping for her flower girl dress! Cam's description in the beginning of why he wanted Gloria and Claire there to balance each other out was hilarious. However, no amount of guidance from either of them could overtake Lily when she knew what she wanted. Lily wanted to dress as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Cam and Mitchell weren't upset about it. They recognized that their daughter is assertive and goes after what she wants. Hopefully it's a quality she'll grow up with.


Can somebody tell me why Jay is always so mean to Phil? Poor Phil was the only one willing to watch the game with him and Jay preferred Andy the manny than his own son-in-law.

Well, once Phil left and Jay and Luke were alone, they did some real male bonding: building stuff, using tools, pumping iron and talking girls. I will, at least, give Jay credit for not taking away Phil's moment of being there the first time Luke tries a beer. 


Haley wasn't really included in the kid swap, but then again she also isn't really a kid anymore! Instead she spent the day waiting for a date to show up and watched Phil make simulation movies with Andy. All the sexual innuendos from that scene were killing it.

I particularly loved how Phil and Andy are both saying things with no irony at all and it's the audience's perverted minds that make it seem filthy.

I love film-making and I love love. I guess you could say I enjoy making love on film and I love doing it by myself.


So, how about that scene with Haley and Andy? Think they might hook up? 

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

You know what a lot of girls don't do? Guys who take ceramics.


Unlike you, I don't need a reason to watch a bunch of guys run around in shorts.

Mitchell [to Jay]