Nashville: Watch Season 2 Episode 16 Online

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On Nashville Season 2 Episode 16, Rayna found out that Liam was hooking up with Scarlett. Pissed that he violated her trust and took advantage of her artist, Rayna fired Liam to protect Scarlett.

Rayna decided to get rid of Tandy too when Tandy's poor bookkeeping skills cost her a potential client. 

Meanwhile, Juliette was still being wooed by the labels. Even Jeff Fordham came knocking at her door, with a deal for Avery and a $10K bottle of champagne to boot.

So what label did Juliette decide to go with? Watch Nashville online to find out!


Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

The difference is I'm a grown up and that girl is a kid. A very fragile kid.

Rayna [about Scarlett]

I loved the woman I thought I knew. I never would've married this. Or done what I did.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 Music

  Song Artist
A thousand horses landslide Landslide A Thousand Horses iTunes
The court yard hounds watch your step Watch Your Step The Court Yard Hounds iTunes
Song Come Find Me Clare Bowen