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The big dancing extravaganza was upon us in Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 8 - and with one exception, the dancing didn't feel nearly as out of place as I initially expected.

Well done!

While the timing of everyone needing to dance in such a short time span, or living out their thoughts an dreams through dance (interpretive dance!) was kind of odd, considering Kathryn's latest passion we can give it a pass.

Dealing With Limitations

After Daphne's heroic measures to save Dr. Jackson on Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7, she started to seriously rethink her future plans. She was, rightfully so, feeling quite euphoric at what she accomplished so it was natural for her to explore her options. It's too bad Jose, who once pretended to care for her, instead wanted to see her crash and burn. 

Her dance number came in the form of a dream and was the sequence I had the most difficult accepting. Yes, they wanted everyone to have a chance to show their moves, but that dream wasn't going to happen. If anything, she was going to dream about being late to class and not finding her locker, not whipping off her lab coat only to discover she couldn't keep up with the steps. 

A talk with Dr. Jackson reminded her that all things worth doing come with some roadblocks and if she really wants to try her hand in the medical field, she'll make allowances for her inability to hear by enhancing herself in other ways. He's a caring mentor.

The best teachers are the ones who don't give you an easy way out and whose expectations of your talent never waver. Bay has that in Ms. Ladarsky. As much as Bay wanted to coast on her snapped tendon and allow her creativity to snap right along with it, Ledarsky wasn't giving her a free pass. 

Emmett finally had a reason for being. As always, he was Bay's guiding light and showed her something inspirational to ignite her creativity and then he assisted her in crafting her vision. He took her to a nightclub a man had built to try to remind his wife of the life they shared as she lost her memories. Once on the scene, Bay pictured herself dancing with Emmett.

For those who want Bay and Tank together, he even got to show his moves when Bay showed up to his room for art class and he was practicing a routine to serenade sorority girls as part of the pledge process.

Travis' scenes continue to outshine those once reserved for Emmett and in his desire to please Mary Beth he told her he could dance so they could attend the Campus formal together. That left room for him to train with Angelo who gave a few spins to Melody across the carpet.

Travis and Mary Beth are a very sweet couple. His fear she will find a hearing boy with whom she will do so much more was shot down when she told him how much he has introduced into her life. I do enjoy their scenes together, but I can't help but think these are scenes that would have been better reserves for Emmett -- slightly different in capacity, of course, but Travis has usurped Emmett's place on the show.

And thus we arrive at John and Kathryn. First up was a dance number in Kathryn's imagination as she was in class and she imagined herself the star of a Broadway show. She wants adventure. She doesn't want to do the same things day in and day out any longer and she's afraid John doesn't have the same desired. His attempt to win her back by purchasing the very same bracelet he gave her for Christmas four years earlier hardly helped his case.

John ran into Renzo and blamed him for the breakup of his marriage and got an earful in return. Finally, John had an epiphany. When he had his first big idea, I thought he would take dance lessons. He bought a bracelet. Then he saw dancing on TV and ran out of the apartment, which left it wide open for Toby to mimic Tom Cruise a la Risky Business. Someone had to do it, right?

Kathryn returned home from shopping, hardly up for another letdown from John, and she was surprised to see the entire family in the dining room, Regina, Angelo and Adriana included. As soon as John showed her to her seat, someone started pounding their utensil on the table. At first annoyed and then intrigued, Kathryn watched. John gave a cue, music started and the entire family jumped from their seats for a choreographed dance number.

Renzo appeared on the stairs holding a remote control (I am so glad they addressed how the music started playing, because that was my first thought!) and he told Kathryn it was all John's idea. She looked at John:

Kathryn: I can't believe you did this.
John: If it's adventure you want, it's adventure you'll get.

Of course, we've seen John change before and it didn't last more than two weeks. Can he make the change more permanent this time around to lessen the risk of losing his wife, his family and his life? I hope so. The hour ended on such a positive note, the cynic in me is expecting disaster right around the corner. What do you think? Can John maintain the forward momentum and save his marriage? Hit the comments!

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Did you enjoy the way dancing was integrated into the episode?

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