American Idol Results: The Super Six

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Another Thursday night, another American Idol elimination. Tonight's results show will reveal the season 13 top 6.

With a night of performances drawn from their competitors' suggestions, the Top 7 tried to make sure they'll each be sticking around. But someone has to go.

Who will it be? Let's find out!

Goodbye, Dexter Roberts

Oh look! Kevin Bacon to promote The FollowingI could get down with him guest hosting for a night. I mean, if Demi Lovato can hang out in the lounge and give commentary after performances, why not!?

Dexter Roberts, Jena Irene, and Alex Preston are up first. Alex and Jena had the two best performances of the night last night, so my money's on Dexter headed to the bottom two from this group. 

Jena's safe, which isn't shocking. I was right! Alex is safe, which means Dexter's at risk of going home.

Thankfully we're not to the point yet where Ryan is going to divide the groups and tell the last man standing to choose which side of the stage he needs to stand on. That's never a comfortable moment.

CJ Harris, Sam Woolf, Caleb Johnson, and Jessica Meuse are all up next. I predicted last night that Jessica would be at risk of leaving tonight, but the audience has surprised us before. It could work against Caleb to have gone first and against Sam to have sung a song that isn't as well known as others he's performed.

Caleb and C.J. are safe. So is Sam. I was right. Jessica's joining Dexter in the hot seats.

And it's goodbye Dexter Roberts. The good news is that he's definitely created a name for himself with this show. Given the right songs, written originally for him, he could easily have a career in country music. Even if he sounds like half a dozen other guys out there, his sound is hot right now.

Best wishes, Dexter!

What do you think? Did America get it right?

Here's a look at who remains:


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