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On Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 19 the firehouse struggles in the aftermath of Jones' death.

Dawson receives a note that Jones left her and keeps the contents to herself as everyone around her places blame and argues amongst themselves over how they handles Jones while she was alive.

Casey makes a big decision that will impact Dawson and asks Shay for her help. Shay accepts the challenge with gusto.

Mills and Hermann are infighting over the treatment of Jones when she was first brought into the house.

Boden decides to bit the bullet and visit Donna, but he doesn't get the welcome he was hoping for.

Severide makes one last hail Mary pass to save Bloom with the assistance of Firehouse 51. 

All of the outcomes of these stories will astound you. Why should you know any more than the rest of us prior to watching? The cheers and tears are for viewers start clicking and watch Chicago Fire online now!

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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I just want to know how a girl as tough as Jones could let her father push her to the breaking point.


When Jones first arrived at 51, I made it clear that I wasn't someone she that could come to for help. I thought she needed a little tough love.