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Dawson must figure out how to handle it when she receives a suicide note. 

After a speech from Boden, Severide decides to go check on Bloom. He checked out about 12 hours into his 28 day stay.

Casey is getting an engagement ring for Dawson, but he doesn't know her size.

Clarke transferred to House 17!

Dawson receives a note from Jones, just after Hermann quips about Clarke transferring out of the house with no goodbye and no explanation.

The gang arrives on a fire at a gas station where a woman is in a full leg brace. her husband drives the vehicle away with the gas still pumping.

Everyone wants to know what Jones said in the note to Dawson.

Severide decides to help Bloom even further by asking the guys for cash. Bloom wouldn't let the remainder of his team go into the fire when their buddies were burning inside. He even fought them to the ground while they spit in his face and they held it against him. Severide thinks it's a heavy weight to carry.

Mills is angry at the guys for not stepping up where Jones is concerned.

The chaplain comes and Boden seems unhappy with his arrival. He tells him not to botch it with his men the way he did with Peter Mills' father.

Mills wants to go bowling in honor of Jones' 300 game, but nobody seems interested in taking him up on it.

Severide goes to Bloom's van and he escapes out the door, leaving the stove on.

Boden tells Dawson she'll have to find another company to work at because she can't work under Casey, that she should give it some more thought.

Casey gets him and Dawson a reservation to a swanky restaurant and she says they can raise a glass to Jones. He wants to ask her to marry him.

Hermann is being a total ass to Mills for one slight and gets really upset when the chaplain brings up his dad.

Clarke transferred out because he made Lieutenant. He also doesn't like people touching him. He's working with Jones' oldest brother. 

Dawson finally breaks when Clarke comes over. Her brother said she tried it before when she was 16 and Dawson is even more upset wondering why her father would continue to bully her and push her to the brink. She still hasn't revealed the contents of the letter.

Boden goes to see Donna. He tells her she was the best thing that happened to him, but she brushes him off. 

Shay gets Dawsons ring size using a piece of newspaper.

Boden and the chaplain get into it again over Henry Mills.

Dawson takes Chief Jones Rebecca's things. When she gets there she finds a broken man.

The team goes to a car accident of prom kids in a bus. One of them was ejected. The police won't shut down the highway so Boden has his men drive drive a truck into the road to stop traffic. The police cuff and arrest Boden, putting him in the back seat. Casey asks the officer if it's really the road he wants to die on.

As Mills and Hermann argue it out, Hermann finally admits he can't stop wondering what he could have said differently to change her mind. Boden wonders if that's what they all took from his talk this morning.

Capp tells Severide Bloom is inside. Severide tells Boden he has one more save to make tonight. Severide arranged to have two of Bloom's men come from Denver. They tell him he made the right call. They would have all come if they could have afforded it. They wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him. One shows him a picture of his daughter who wouldn't exist if not for Bloom, because he was going in if Bloom hadn't tackled him. They would have all died in there.

Boden apologizes to the chaplain and cries. He can't lose one more man. He's lost too much and they're all he's got. He cries.

Casey tells Dawson he knows they're going to face the future together.

Donna shows up at the firehouse. She's carrying Boden's baby.

Mills is bowling. Hermann shows up.

The contents of the letter are finally revealed: Don't let anything stand in your way.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I just want to know how a girl as tough as Jones could let her father push her to the breaking point.


When Jones first arrived at 51, I made it clear that I wasn't someone she that could come to for help. I thought she needed a little tough love.