Dallas: Watch Season 3 Episode 7 Online

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Bobby and Ann manage to get Sue Ellen released from the hospital but only if she continues her treatment and stays at Southfork.

John Ross fires Candace in Dallas Season 3 Episode 7 but she runs into Emma who gets her hands on the incriminating dress.

Nicolas pushes for Ewing Global to go public because the Mexican cartel want to secretly buy up the shares so they can use the company to launder money. If the plan doesn't work, the cartel threatens Nicolas' children.

Drew comes back and sees Christopher who almost beats him to death but stops himself and calls the Sheriff when Drew takes off. Then Drew finds out that J.R. swapped the land deeds on his father and he threatens his own revenge.

Elena decides not to show Pamela the video of John Ross and Emma but Nicolas emails it to Pamela behind her back.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

If I have to live with this pain, so do you.


Are you deluded enough into thinking that he's going to leave his wife for you or are you just content in being his little piece on the side.