Dallas Review: Us Against the World

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As the Ewings are busy battling one another, little do they realize that there is another enemy at their door on Dallas Season 3 Episode 7.

We started off with Sue Ellen in what appeared to be a state-run hospital. I wonder if John Ross had any idea what the place was like on the inside when he sent his mother. 

I also wondered if Bobby was pushing for Sue Ellen's release because he didn't think she really had a problem, because he worried about her past trauma, or simply because it was what was best for Ewing Global. I'd like to think the first two were foremost in his mind but it's obvious that the latter played a large part in his rush to have her released.

But is keeping Sue Ellen at Southfork what's best for her?  Not only is she down the hall from the son who just had her sent away, it's also the place where many of her worst memories of her of life with J.R. took place. Add to it that Sue Ellen continues to blame J.R. for her alcoholism and I just don't see Sue Ellen getting healthy here.

Thank goodness John Ross fired Candace and his conversation with Baum was self deprecating and funny as he said, "I'm not that cute." 

When Harris showed Emma those photos, I thought he had her. Thankfully the girl is no fool, although that could be unfortunate for John Ross as Emma kept the dress. I have no doubt she'll have little trouble getting his DNA on it. 

Christopher and Heather are starting to grow on me but I can't imagine that they will work out which is a shame. Christopher and her son are pretty darn cute together. 

Drew heading back to Dallas just drudged up all of Christopher's pain over losing his unborn children. I'm not sure what Drew's plan was, other than to let Christopher beat him to death. Drew's never been all that smart and now that he believes that J.R. stole his father's land it's anyone's guess what he'll blow up next. I still find it convenient that he and Elena blame all of the Ewings for something J.R. did decades ago. 

Now the Sheriff, Elena, Nicolas, and the Mexican cartel are all searching for Drew. I didn't see Nicolas being involved in the cartel coming but it makes sense given his background. Unfortunately for him, if it all goes wrong his children are in danger. My bet is that he'll even sell out Elena if it comes to that, in order to save his kids. 

When Elena decided not to share the video with Pamela, I immediately knew that Nicolas would. Will he admit his hand in that to Elena or will he try to cover it up?

And what will Pamela do when she sees that video? I can only imagine her rage. I think John Ross is going to see an entirely new side to his loving wife and I don't believe he's ready for it. That's going to be all sorts of fun.

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Do you think Sue Ellen will get sober at Southfork?

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