Modern Family: Watch Season 5 Episode 20 Online

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It turns out that Phil has a familial connection to Australia, so the whole family traveled down under in Modern Family Season 5 Episode 20.

Phil experienced a lot of tumbles on his spiritual journey to connect with the place he was conceived. He had an allergic reaction to vegemite, was stung by a jellyfish, bitten by insects, and punched in the face by a kangaroo.

Since Jay and Claire kept ditching everyone to do work, it was just up to Gloria to help keep Phil safe.

Meanwhile Cam and Mitchell ran into an old friend who is now famous. Find out what trouble they got into with Fergus when you watch Modern Family online!


Modern Family Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Gloria: I don't eat anything unless I know what's in it.
Jay: I've once seen this woman scarf down a pig's nose.

It's a good time to tell you I dropped Luke on his head when he was one.