The 100 Interview: Devon Bostick Teases Turmoil, Danger to Come

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On The 100, the adventurous and fun Jasper was speared in the chest and nearly died after landing on Earth. The grounders may have speared him, but they were also responsible for saving his life.

Devon Bostick spoke with TV Fanatic about Jasper's recovery, experience with the grounders and his ongoing fear of them, plus how he fits into the group now that he's healed...


When you were filming the pilot, did you know that Jasper was going to make it out alive?

No. It was very definitive that he was going to die. I auditioned for Monty and then I heard a couple weeks later that they wanted me to play Jasper and I read the script. It was great. I loved the ending and he was going to get speared and died. And, he did get speared, but I wanted him to be so loved that when he dies it was going to suck so much and be such a shock. Apparently, it sucked too much so they decided to bring me back. And now he's on a swift recovering.

Devon Bostick as Jasper

When I first saw the pilot, I was sure he was a goner. I was excited to see how they saved him. It added an interesting element to the story.

Yeah. It's really cool. I mean the first thing is that there are people out there. These grounders -- we don't really know what they are, but they threw a spear from quite a ways away right at my chest. So, clearly there's danger out there, but it's cool that they tried to use me as bait. There's going to be a lot more interaction with the grounders.

Does Jasper know anything about the grounders? Or was he pretty much unconscious during his time with them?

He was very much unconscious. I think after that spearing he was totally out of it and doesn't remember much. I think getting speared does a lot to you.

Does the treatment that the grounders gave Jasper have any long term effect physically on him?

I'm not quite sure what I can say about that. It certainly helps because they used that seaweed stuff to keep him alive for the time being to use him for bait for either that panther or the kids. And then Clarke used that same treatment to heal him some more. I know they did help. They speared me, but they also kinda saved me a little bit. It's interesting what's out there. We don't really quite know what we are dealing with. Friends or foes? Mostly foes, probably.

Is that something that will play out over the next few episodes? What the grounders are?

The next episode, "Murphy's Law," is all about the turmoil in the camp and the repercussions for your actions and capital punishment and laws being formed. Soon after, we have to get over our own shit, because the danger is far greater on the outside of the camp than on the inside.

Now that Jasper's healed, how does he fit into the group dynamic?

It's interesting with Jasper. I think Jasper is an adventurous guy. He's courageous, but he's a courageous nerd and he's in love with Octavia. We're going to see a lot more of him trying to get closer to Octavia, but also after getting speared it's really hard to get out of his shell again. The danger out there really scares him. He doesn't want to get speared twice.

Will he be willing to leave the drop ship?

I think eventually Jasper will have to get over his fear and start living again. He'll get over his fear eventually. There's just too much life to live. And there's too much danger to just stay inside.

Besides Octavia, who else does Jasper rely on?

Jasper really trusts Clarke because she seems like the natural born leader and is doing the most good in the camp. I think Jasper really just wants peace and nothing else. And his best friend, Monty. Clarke is really the person to look up to in the camp. She seems to be doing the best for the people and for human rights.

Does the internal turmoil among the 100 start to resolve itself after this next episode?

I don't think anything will ever resolve itself. There's certain things that will resolve, but as for any kind of politics on the ground, there's always going to be problems when there's no rules in place and it's just a bunch of kids that have been locked up for most of their life. They are eventually going to have to band together, but there's always going to be problems from every angle. From space even, we have these adults up there trying to come down. There's enough problems.

Is Jasper more scared of the environment or the grounders?

I think it's the grounders themselves that he's afraid of. What's in the trees? Things can come out of nowhere. The world that they're living in, they know nothing about it. I think that scares him. At first, it seemed so magical and such a beautiful place and then reality kind of kicks in and they know nothing. Anything could be out there.

What is the asset that Jasper brings to the group?

I think once he gets his courage back, he builds up the will to fight, which is nice. He also has a lot of heart that he brings to the group. He's the lighthearted kid and everyone's so serious. I think that's kinda a nice trait to have. A little laughter in between. You know, he gets into no good with Monty sometimes. There will be some fun episodes for Monty and Jasper.

With Jasper's feelings for Octavia and their developing friendship, what does Bellamy's relationship with Jasper look like? Is it a contentious one?

As of right now, it seems like Bellamy just wanted Jasper dead because it was annoying the entire camp with all the groaning and moaning, but I was speared. It hurt. It's interesting. There's a lot of things that Bellamy does and says that Jasper doesn't agree with, but he also looks up to him a little bit in that he's a commanding guy. And, we need more of that on the ground.

Anything else you want to tease about the upcoming episodes?

The next one is one of my favorites. It's just so dark and it gets really crazy. It really is like Lord of the Flies in the 22nd century. I'm just so stoked about the direction that it's going and from there on after it just keeps on getting crazier and crazier. More happens up in space. They're running out of options for survival up there and there's talk of population control. And there's a lot of blood shed going down on the ground and so much mystery out there that we've yet to uncover.

Check out this clip for The 100 Season 1 Episode 4.

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