The 100 Review: To Float or Not to Float

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The 100 doesn't hold anything back.

It's a dark and dangerous world both on Earth and up on the Ark. In contrast to the ironclad rules on the Ark, the kids on Earth attempt to live free. The 100 Season 1 Episode 4 showed that instead they've created an odd mix of dictatorship and anarchy. 

Holding it Together

Murphy ordered someone to keep working. When the kid disobeyed, Murphy peed on him in punishment. It was follow the rules or pay the price. That sense of order ceased to exist when Clarke accused Murphy of killing Wells. The kids turned on him and immediately wanted to float him. Their "Float him" chat was blood-curdling.

It was mob thinking and they all reverted to the old ways of the Ark. A crime meant death. On Earth, it meant being "floated" from a tree rather than "floated" out into space. I was a little surprised that the kids cared that much about Wells' death. They all ganged up on him on a short time before. It's more likely they were using the opportunity to get rid of their torturing in Murphy.

Clarke was demanding justice not revenge, but no one would listen. Her attempt to get through to Bellamy backfired. Instead of embracing his humanity, he took her comment as a sign of weakness. Even though he knew Charlotte had the knife, he kicked the stump out from under Murphy's feet.

Charlotte didn't want another death on her conscious and confessed to killing Wells. The mob, now led by Murphy, turned against the young girl. Bellamy helped her get away with Clarke and Finn. They hid out in an old bomb shelter. So, that's where Finn got the pencil from that he gifted to Clarke.

Clarke was probably right that they should share the location and contents with the group, though they would be smart to keep it a secret. The mob thinking of the group could easily turn on them at some point. It's both a great retreat and safe haven to keep secret for now.

Charlotte was misguided when she killed Wells, yet it makes sense that she misunderstood Bellamy's guidance. If Murphy did it, should he have been floated? Maybe. Should Charlotte? No. There's a big difference between their maturity levels and understanding. She was just a child.

Her death was a tragedy, but it was on her own terms. She caused enough pain by killing Wells and didn't want to see other hurt. Charlotte went over the ledge to protect Clarke and to punish herself. I'm not sure she could have lived in the group with everyone knowing what she did. There would never be trust there.

Murphy didn't kill Wells, but he was punished for going after Charlotte and taking Clarke hostage. On Earth, there's a new form of punishment. He wasn't floated. He was banished. Given the existence of grounders, poisonous clouds and other unknown threats, he may wish he was floated.

Over the first four episodes of The 100 season 1, the teens on Earth have been through more than most humans today go through in a lifetime. It's intense, dangerous, but has a real authentic feel to it. That realism makes their story so compelling and has me wanting to know more about what they are thinking, how they are living, and how they will survive.

In spite of the difficult conditions, there were some lighter moments. The growing friendship between Jasper and Octavia is just fun. When she encouraged him, told him he was brave and then kissed him, I smiled. It was just a simple exchange, but it spoke volumes. The end interaction between Clarke and Finn was emotionally the opposite. They got together, but it was more out of desperation. Their desire to just feel.

Up on the Ark, Abby's not sure if Clarke is alive or not and she's in trouble for breaking the rules, but she has hope. Raven's headed for Earth in the escape pod.  All the human lives on the Ark are now in Raven's hands. 

Given Abby's determination to save everyone on the Ark, I have a hard time believing that she ratted out her husband to the Chancellor. There has to be more to that story. Even though she broke the rules, I don't think she'll be floated. Her statement to Kane was very compelling, "You don't understand. I'm trying to save all of us."

Since Monty wasn't able to communicate through Clarke's wrist band and fried the rest, Raven's the best hope for communication between Earth and the Ark. Though, Raven's arrival will certainly be awkward for Finn. Given how topics have been handled so far on the show, I don't think we will see a traditional love triangle. Maybe it's just my wishful thinking, but I really expect more. Besides, Clarke belongs with Bellamy, right?

With Murphy gone, there will be a power void at camp. Who will step up? And, will Bellamy and Clarke be able to work together and help the group establish some rules? I hope so. They've been lucky so far with the outside forces, but the grounders aren't likely to leave them alone for long.

Who would you want as your best friend on Earth at this point?

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