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Patrick Jane stumbles into a man on the street and ends up uncovering a human trafficking ring on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19.

When a young woman dies of a gunshot wound right in front of them, Jane and Lisbon find out  that a supposed modeling job overseas is actually a ploy to transport young woman to Mexico via tractor trailers. Unfortunately several have already been shipped. 

Jane and Abbott go undercover to get the Qasimi brothers back to the States but they refuse to give up the name of the man they work for, and the elusive Mr. Ridley has their other colleague murdered and puts a hit out on them.

Meanwhile, Lisbon finally tells Jane that Marcus has asked her to follow him to D.C. Although he tells her he wants her to be happy, Patrick looks sucker punched by the news.

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Lisbon: Remember, Jane is a psyhic.
Abbott: A pretend psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.

Sorry, scanning long range frequencies is like… I don't have a metaphor. It's hard.