The Mentalist Review: Less Valuable Than Horses

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It didn't take long for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19 to remind me why I hope the show gets picked up for season 7. As a matter of fact, it started with Wachos. 

For those who missed it, Wachos were the waffle/nachos combination that was the specialty of the food truck Jane was frequenting. Thanks to his craving for Mexican and keen observation skills, the FBI uncovered a human trafficking ring. 

I found it interesting that Lisbon didn't accept Jane's first phone call while she was out with Pike. Are late night phone calls from Patrick Jane the norm? It wasn't until the second call that she picked up and then she honestly thought he was only playing games and trying to ruin her date. 

When Jane told her, "You need to trust me," it was obvious that she didn't. At least not completely. 

Jane begging the dying woman to keep breathing was incredibly sad. He'd only just found her but he already felt a connection and a sense of responsibility for not being able to save her life. Patrick may have many faults but at his heart he is a good man. 

I believed the nutty drunk when he said he didn't remember where he found the woman on the road... but the way he kept insisting that he was trying to "fix her" was really disturbing. If the poor girl had found a sane person on the side of that road, she would have probably lived. Talk about terrible luck.

When Jane walked into the interrogation room with a beer, I knew exactly what he was up to. Jane is the master at accessing memories and sometimes a drunk's memory is better with a drink in his hand than without. 

I was a little surprised that the underground box only held one girl. I don't think they ever explained why she was down there and I'm wondering if it will play into the story somewhere down the line. 

The set up at the truck stop was a little far-fetched but completely worth it just to hear Cho read his part of the script over the air. Jane was right. He was incredible as Big Pete. Never underestimate Kimball Cho.

The black hats on Jane and Abbott looked completely ridiculous and I couldn't understand why the Qasimi brothers would risk coming back to the U.S. Why not just send another driver to pick up the truck? I'm sure they had several at their disposal. 

I was a little taken aback when Jane was negotiating over the fee for the girls and one of the brothers responded with, "they're girls, not race horses." It was horrible to think that animals would be worth more on the open market than these young women. 

I can only imagine the connections of Mr. Ridley. The brothers were adamant that he will bury the FBI and I have little doubt the Qasimi's will meet their end in jail long before anyone gets them to talk.

In the end, the photo on Cho's desk was a reminder that this case is far from over and I wondered why Lisbon promised Daniella that they'd find her sister when the odds are that they never will, no matter how hard they try. 

Now, about Teresa's big decision…

I found it interesting that she hadn't shared her news with Patrick but assumed that he knew as she told Abbott in this The Mentalist quote

Lisbon: Remember, Jane is a psyhic.
Abbott: A pretend psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.

Is Abbott a Jisbon shipper? It felt like he was pushing pretty hard for Teresa to talk to Jane about her big decision.

When she finally did tell Jane, she specifically told him that Marcus makes it a point to be there for her. As Jane mumbled his congratulations, it's hard to tell if Lisbon was only paying attention to his words because, if so, she might have miss the rest of the story.

Jane looked sucker punched. He stumbled over his words as though he didn't know what to say and that tight smile was one of stress, not happiness.

I believed him when he said he wanted Lisbon to be happy but it was obvious that he was anything but. Now the question becomes, what will he do about it?

What do you think, TV Fanatics? Will Jane try to stop Lisbon from going to D.C. with Marcus Pike?

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Lisbon: Remember, Jane is a psyhic.
Abbott: A pretend psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.

Sorry, scanning long range frequencies is like… I don't have a metaphor. It's hard.