Continuum Review: Kiera and the Originals

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Something interesting happened in Continuum Season 3 Episode 9 - and it was a bit confusing.

Carlos decided to confide in Alec about dead Kiera. Considering that they are the only two who know about Kiera and time travel, it makes sense in a way. We've been wondering where Carlos was with dead Kiera as he had bigger fish to fry recently.

Obviously, the man still has issues.

At first, Alec was upset that he lost his friend, but that was replaced by a more pertinent anger that Kiera had lied to him. His attitude toward Kiera now changed enough that Kiera noticed it, but Carlos didn't own up to what he had done.

So why is it perplexing that Carlos invited Alec into his circle of trust regarding the whereabouts of dead Kiera? Because Carlos also decided to side with Betty by investigating corporate corruption behind Dillon's back, which puts him at complete loggerhead with Alec, who runs Pilon. Confusing, right?

Everyone is conflicted, that's for sure. And I'm still viewing under the allusion that Kiera is slowly regaining pertinent parts of her own thoughts with regard to what life was like in 2077 because she's not tied into her CMS. We witnessed another scene of her recollection of her future past where people were having their citizenship removed from their wrists by what appeared to be an excruciating process.

Things were a little off in her memory, if you ask me. She couldn't believe that people would go to such great lengths to lose their identity. She also didn't understand why the people who were waiting to get their identity removed were being arrested. The Kiera we know from the future wouldn't have thought twice -- even I knew that it was intent that was their downfall.

I'm starting to wonder if we might learn that Protectors not only had their CMS nudging away at their brains, but if they might have undergone some sort of deprogramming so they could live with what they did without question. If that's not the case, the care with with things have been falling open are as clear as mud.

Liber8 has been playing peeping Tom and they claim they are not to blame for Betty's murder, to the point that Lucas gives Carlos free information about who is to blame. Is this third party an offshoot of Liber8 in its infancy, or are they going to reveal that the Freelancers are trying to nudge things back into place and that includes killing Betty?

I admit this particular episode left me at a loss.

The most enjoyable part was the stranger. He's from the future and remembers Kiera's name, but nothing else after an accident. His view of the city was of one gutted and destroyed. His future seems even farther away than Kiera's. My first thought is that he's whoever the Freelancers have been holding in that room that Kiera hasn't been able to see. 

When Curtis happened upon Kiera and the stranger, he had a look of recognition and it wasn't a pleasant one. Maybe Curtis was driving the truck that put the stranger in the hospital. The stranger was witty and kind and for some reason, Kiera trusted him. Kiera found a dog tag that emitted a video of his family; a wife and son. 

Who would know Kiera's name and be from a future further away than hers? What about her son? He could be the same person the Freelancers were holding, too. They wouldn't want the two of them to meet, surely. Kiera's innate desire to trust him also fits that theory. He doesn't seem to have any tech on him, and that could be why Kiera was remembering the removal of citizenship.

If he had any tech, she would be able to identify it with her CMS and everything she tried came up empty. He has military training, no tech and a wonderful personality. It all adds to his mystery, and one I'm eager for her to solve. My hope is he is someone she can confide in since she has so few allies at this point (even fewer than she knows).

Just a couple more points before I go. First up -- did the high-tech thief work for Cirque de Soliel? Holy moly that kid had some tricks up his sleeve! The way he bounded up and down walls made him seem like Spiderman. He could come in handy for someone.

The final mark on the installment was Alec taking a drill with what looked like an old, rusty vegetable can to the back of dead Kiera's head, probably to get her CPS chip out since he's failing at creating it on his own. So much for her friendship, or respect for Carlos' drinking buddy, for that matter. He was so cold as he did that it was a bit terrifying. 

Will Carlos ask Kiera where non-original Alec is when he gets wind of what the original did? Coke, KFC, a lot of brands have original and improved and it's starting to seem that the Alec to that timeline could use a bit of improvement.

This wasn't as strong as the previous episodes, but I believe it will propel us in good form into the remaining installments for the season. Do you have any thoughts on who the stranger is?

Is the stranger Kiera's son?

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Citizenship Extractor: You are aware that citizenship extraction renders your birth certification and citizenship null and void?
Citizen: I'm aware.
Citizenship Extractor: Extend your arm through the indicators and bite down on the sanitized bit. Scan your wrist to accept the release. Please hold still. This may sting a bit. [Citizen screams in agony] Once extracted please toss your bit into the receptacle.

Alec: Two of me. Two of her?
Carlos: Yep.
Alec: She lied to me. She swore she told me everything, but she still lied.
Carlos: You and me? We're originals. She was an original. But the other two? I don't know man. They're them, but their not at the same time, ya know?