Nashville Review: The Truth Will Set You Free

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The truth may set you free - but damn will it bring a lot of emotions raining down on you too!

In the end, though, is there really any other option? Nashville Season 2 Episode 22 featured all of our characters facing moments where they just plain old had to stop lying to themselves.

Before we jump in, I have to tell y'all that I watched the screener for this finale when the Nashville renewal news was still on the fence. So imagine seeing that ending and not knowing if you'd ever get a conclusion.

All I have to say is... THANK YOU ABC!

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? It was Will's and Rayna's album launch week. Rayna was on her usual publicity path, working hard. Meanwhile, Jeff Fordham was up to his usual dirty tricks to get Will to the top. Clearly, Jeff needed a reminder that Rayna still had some major pull in the industry.

When Jeff wasn't busy playing dirty with Rayna, he turned his attention to Juliette. After blackmailing her and pressuring her to come back to Edgehill, Juliette broke down and confessed to Rayna that she slept with Jeff.

I just loved the scene where Rayna was holding Juliette's hair back while she puked. How far have these two women come in their relationship since Nashville Season 1 Episode 1? They don't hold back around each other, they pull punches, but man can they still bring down the house!

I love that Rayna had Juliette's back even after everything. Granted, Rayna needed Juliette to help her success, but they were just dynamite in this episode.

When Juliette wasn't killing it onstage with Rayna, she had to face Avery. It's too bad he found out from his friends before Juliette told him herself. I found their scenes to be really heartwrenching.

Juliette: It meant nothing.
Avery: It meant nothing?
Juliette: Nothing.
Avery: God that almost makes it worse, does it ever mean anything to you?

For what it's worth, I believe wholeheartedly that Juliette loves Avery. I just think she is messed up about love and she makes a lot of mistakes. Hey, nobody said it better than she did herself:

I think when I feel like somebody is going to hurt me, I just make sure that I hurt myself first and worse. Burn the house down while I'm still in it.


Will they reconcile? We won't find out until Nashville season 3, but that wasn't the biggest cliffhanger of the evening.

As much as I like Zoey and Gunnar together, there were definite sparks between Gunnar and Scarlett as he sang her that song and told her not to leave. There's no way she's going to leave now and I, for one, hope that she doesn't.

After Rayna beat Will on the charts, he was losing it and went to talk to Gunnar. He told him that first and foremost Will had to come clean about who he was because his secret was obviously eating him alive.

It's too bad he didn't know about those hidden cameras that were in the bedroom...

On to the biggest part of the episode... Luke proposed to Rayna onstage and she said yes. It was an awesome moment and almost everyone loved it. Hell, I don't think Teddy was sad at the prospect of Rayna getting remarried and he does seem to accept Luke, but he saw the way it tore up Maddie and I think he felt bad about that.

Nobody, however, was more broken up than Deacon. When Deacon showed up at Rayna's and told her he wished he could be happy for her but that'd be a lie, I was holding my breath. It was the whole Grey's Anatomy "pick me, choose me, love me" moment. 

With a parting kiss, he left her with a ring that in some ways was worth so much more than the 7 carat sparker Luke put on Rayna's left hand. So who should she choose? And how about that darn finale? 

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Hell no, I'm not gonna get into bed with Jeff Fordham.


Number 2 or lower is not an option.


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