Nashville: Watch Season 2 Episode 21 Online

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Luke is injured while abroad to perform for the troops in Afghanistan on Nashville Season 2 Episode 21.

Rayna and Luke decide to put on a concert locally at Fort Campbell. Juliette is invited to perform but Luke isn't happy about it.

After realizing he pre-judged Juliette, Luke invites her to do a duet. Meanwhile Jeff Fordham wants her back at Edgehill.

Gunnar and Zoey debate telling Avery that Juliette cheated on him.

Will flips out on Layla about the reality TV cameras and makes a move to possibly cheat on her.

Deacon and Maddie spend time together, leading him to a revelation. Find out about his revelation when you watch Nashville online!


Nashville Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I was trying so hard to help Scarlett that I didn't stop and think how it might look to you.

Avery [to Juliette]

Gunnar: I saw her and Jeff Fordham sneak out of the screening at the BMI party last night.
Zoey: So they watched a movie?
Gunnar: Yeah only it was NC-17 and they were both starring in it!

Nashville Season 2 Episode 21 Music

  Song Artist
Chris carmack then i was loved by you Then I Was Loved By You Chris Carmack iTunes
Song Angie's Song Doug Seegers
Goldhouse feelgood FeelGood Goldhouse iTunes