Orphan Black Review: Clones in Peril

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The surprises keep on coming.

On Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 3, we discover that while Sarah is on the run, she isn't just fleeing in a general direction; Cosima faces her worst fears; Alison breaks; and Helena gets tied up (literally) in something over which she has absolutely no control.

Generally, it's just like every other week for the clones, now that they know what they really are. Sarah's journey was the most surprising when it comes to the clones, but it was Felix's decision piggybacking on her actions that held the most weight.

With the only slice of normality they had in their lives, the steady presence of Mrs. S., turning into a rifle toting killer they could no longer trust, Sarah and Felix took Kira and were on the move. Stealing from convenience stores to feed Kira while she played the part of decoy put some genuine fear into Sarah -- that's not the life she wants for her daughter no matter how desperate their circumstances.

As soon as they walked into the cabin, it felt a little too contrived. Felix was blissfully unaware until someone openened the door in the middle of the night and Sarah didn't panic. Sarah had been their before; Kira, too, except she was only a clump of miraculous cells at the time. Sarah chose a path leading them right to the door of Kira's father.

Michiel Huisman stepped into the Clone Club as Cal, making it the third show on which he actively guest stars currently on the air. I'm happy to report that he has a nature somewhat similar to that of the star, Tatiana Maslany. Huisman is no character actor; every role he plays feels significantly different than the other, and that's why it's not a stretch for him to be making out with Sarah Manning on Saturday and then championing Daenerys Targaryen on Sunday.

They obviously shared something special, because even though Sarah attempted to grift Cal and waltz out of his life, he took her at her word about Kira and there was no doubt that he was genuinely concerned for their welfare. Kira met her daddy and everything seemed right with the world, even if only for a day. 

Felix, however, realized it wasn't his place to be with Sarah right now. He's feeling quite out of the loop, and tied to Alison as she prepares to make her stage debut the next night. When rubber met the road, however, I was quite worried he would be picked up by someone nefarious. Seeing his face in the crowd as Allison's play opened was a relief.

Angie went against Art's recommendation to stay the hell away from the clones. By approaching Alison, she made her think first that she was being double-monitored, and when the truth that she was a police officer came out, Alison fell to pieces. Her opening night was an utter disaster and she walked herself off of the stage. Whether she passed out or was seriously injured will have to wait until next week. 

Cosima met another clone, Jennifer, but only through a video journal she kept after she learned about mysterious polyps on her lungs -- the same thing from which Cosima is suffering. Cosima sat through the journal as Jennifer went from hopeful at the thought Dr. Leeky at the Dyad Institute would help her live to a resignation of death at said institution. 

Then she and Delphine took Jennifer, who had died there only three days earlier, out for inspection. It had to be jarring to see a version of herself on the table, dead of the same disease, but Cosima didn't break. When inside of Jennifer, Delphine discovered polyps on her uterus. Perhaps she discovered not only the start of the disease but the reason for the Clone's infertility.

Henrik the Prolethean is hedging his bets that Helena will be much like her twin -- fertile. I believe that's also where this week's title comes in. Another quote from Francis Bacon: "The human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it." It's from Novum Organum [The New Organon] (1620), Aphorism 41. 

Not even Henrik's daughter liked whatever he was proposing, and she surely knew a lot more than we do. From the ceremony in front of his small flock, he appeared to wed a sedated Helena who he then carried down a hallway toward a room with a tiny smudged window -- dare I guess that it's the place he will attempt to impregnate Helena?

Because he's a man of some awkward religion and is used to using artificial insemination on his animals, I don't imagine he's planning on making love to the sedated girl, do you? Even though he says he believes she has a soul, it's clear he thinks her purpose is as a vessel. If he thought of her as more than that, he'd have taken time to know her and welcome her to the family in a normal way. We can surmise he'll mingle his own nature with hers. Shudder.

It does beg the question, why does Helena always get trapped with these religious nuts? What could she have possibly done to make her way so high on the crap list? Bless her, she's a product of her environment. We've seen first hand what a different upbringing can mean to an identical clone. The question is -- was Art keeping a good enough eye on Henrik that he might be able to intervene before something horrific occurs?

As the hour ended, Rachel's minion caught up with Sarah. He's a damn good tracker. Cal managed to squirrel Kira away to safety but Sarah was captured and driving them both back to Rachel at gunpoint. The T-boning of the car didn't even come as a surprise. When this device was first used, I used to be shocked to the core, audibly shouting. These days I don't even flinch.

It was more of a segue episode than the other and it's about the right time for one to pop up. We met Jennifer and we saw that Felix has a breaking point with Sarah. Alison will need him more than ever. I wonder what he'll do if he discovers Sarah is kidnapped and Kira with Cal?

What will Felix do if he discovers Sarah's situation?

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