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After hitting the road with Felix, Sarah turns to an ex named Cal Morison on this Orphan Black episode.

Sarah, Felix and Kira are out in a field, far away from a bathroom and stomping through cow pies.

One of the Rachel’s men gets to the compound just minutes before the cowboys get there to torch the place. He has a picture of Kira in his pocket.

Because they can’t use credit, Felix is robbing stores while Kira plays decoy with Sarah.

Alison decides to vacuum while Donnie is sleeping on the couch. He offers to relax her on the couch. Ew.

Delphine shows Cosima a video of another clone, Jennifer Fitzsimmons. It’s a video journal from the day they found unidentified polyps on her lungs. She died three days ago.

Mark and Grace of the cowboy family have Helena in a big empty room with a bed in the middle. It appears to be in their barn.

Sarah knows the person who owns the house they’re laid up in. Cal is an old friend. Kira asks him if he’s her dad and Sarah doesn't deny it.

Alison is at musical practice and her director doesn't want her singing. Angie, going against Art’s wishes to stop investigating the clones, asks to use her phone and tries to buy her a cup of coffee as thanks. No thanks!

Sarah tries to explain to Kira why she didn't tell her about her dad. She’s crying. Kira like’s Cal’s beard.

Cal created mini-drone pollinators for bees that are now used for military purposes. His partners forced him out.

Cosima continues watching the videos of Jennifer, who is shown bald and admits she’s ready to die in the Dyad Institute.

Felix realizes there’s no place left for him in Sarah’s life and he should be with Alison when her play opens. He just needs to say goodbye to Kira.

Cosima looks at the dead body of Jennifer.

Delphine thinks the polyps originated in the uterus and could also be the cause of their infertility.

After meeting with Angie, Alison thinks she’s being double monitored, so she warns Cosima about Delphine. Cosima ignores her.

Felix is hitchhiking on the side of the highway and gets a ride/

Angie keeps trying to cozy up to Alison, and Angie admits she’s a police officer like Beth and she should tell her what she knows. Alison doesn't like that.

Local cop shows up at Cal’s and he tells her to get down and hide. He’s there about the shoplifters and the little girl. He sees a candy wrapper and threatens a little about the weed patch he has growing in the back, but ultimately walks away.

Sarah starts packing and says she’s leaving and should have never put him in that position.

Sarah and Cal get intimate.

The director dedicates the performance to Aynsley. Alison takes some drugs, sees Felix and Donnie in the audience. Downs a little bottle of liquor. And another. The room spins. She forgets her lines. The songs are too personal, she freaks out and steps off the stage onto the floor.

The guy working for Rachel is hot on Sarah’s trail, at the store where they stole items.

Art makes his way to the cowboys ranch. Henrik is talking to his daughter about their plans for Helena.

At Cal’s the policeman goes back to warn him someone’s looking for the girl, but Rachel’s guy gets there first. He shoots Tom the policeman and Cal gets Kira away. The guy kidnaps Sarah.

Henrik does some sort of marriage ritual in front of his flock with a drugged Helena that binds them together. He carries her to a room with a smudged glass window.

Rachel’s man reports back about the Project LEDA photo just before the car Sarah is driving is T-Boned.

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Jesus Christ. Our dear old mum is a dead eye with a rifle It just makes me queasy.


Look at her Gracie. Man schemed for years to make her but only God can make her fertile.