Orange is the New Black Review: Women Want to Rule the World

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When a tropical storm thrusts Litchfield into a blackout, everyone is a little skittish.

Some people are more than skittish and making plans for revenge. Vee continues her garbage and we learn with finality that she's a piece of dirt.

In Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 12, Vee's flashbacks take us to the moment when Taystee was mourning the loss of her foster brother, which was right after Vee seduced him and called the cops to kill him. 

Poussey Destroys Inventory

There's a reason Red deals in candy and makeup and vee smack and cigarettes. They aren't in the same league. vee talks about Red sending her old lady lackies out to do her dirty work, but I had yet to see vee do any of her own dirty work. Well, until this installment, anyway.

Red decides the strength of saran wrap will be her weapon to take out vee. She can't go through with it. She wants so badly for things to be as she imagines them; they're two older ladies who were once friends and they both want a piece of the action at Litch. Red doesn't know vee at all.

After the waters recede and Red is ready to clean up the greenhouse, vee attacks. On her own this time. End credits. That's where the finale will take us.

Piper spent the hour worrying about being transferred and getting angry about it. She's decided Fig singled her out because of her connections with the press, but I don't think Fig has thought that far ahead. She can barely keep her own feet out of the water that's closing in on Litch. 

There wasn't any gas in the generator tanks and all of the work done in the bathrooms must have been cut rate because they failed immediately. Many calls to Fig during her big fundraiser didn't get a response and by the time Caputo catches Piper red handed after meddling in Fig's drawers, I'm betting he's pretty much willing to listen to anything she has to say as long as it could get Fig in trouble.

Other bits:

  • I loved Healy tryin to get Pennsatucky to read "The End of Men" and his chatter about women taking over. He definitely has issues, and being at Litch cannot be helpful in the long run.
  • Daya has decided Bennett has to either confess and go to prison for them to be a family or walk away. Bennett is an idiot. Why he isn't ruing the day he got involved with the lunatic is beyond me.
  • Poussey ruins vee's stash in the warehouse and vee cuts Taystee loose. That's the best thing that could happen to her, but she can't see it yet.
  • There has been so little of Pennsatucky this season, but it's nice to know she's still so cluess. To wit; asking Boo about the gay agenda and making sure she wouldn't have to do things that go in the face of God to "join."
  • Soso's sing along during the storm was kinda cute. How has she managed to keep her spirits up? Is she really that happy or just clueless?

One more to go, and I'm happy about that. Whereas last year I didn't want to lose my "friends" at Litch, this year I'm just ready for a break. One big bad isn't as much fun as focusing on the entirety of the prison population one by one.

Do you think Figueroa will find herself servicing time for misappropriation of funds?

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