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There is a power outage in the prison. Piper is compromised and forced to think on her feet.

Red is beside herself over the fact that Taslitz shanked the wrong person.

Caputo makes jokes about what Fig might get the staff versus what they should be getting the inmates.

Poussey can't believe it when she sees Watson dealing.

Piper thinks her family is happy she's being transferred because they won't have to visit her anymore.

Piper tells Morello she was the person who made her feel comfortable upon arrival.

Poussey gets drunk and goes into the warehouse looking for more. She wrecks a lot of vee's tobacco stash in the process.

Fig is being alerted to a couple line items that feel wonky. She tries to bribe the auditor to shift his focus by inviting him to her husband's fundraiser.

Daya tells Bennett the baby moved and it's probably a boy.

vee tells Taystee she's going to neutralize the risk. She lets Taystee go to rid herself of Poussey.

Piper watches one of the transferees saying goodbye to her baby. 

Fig and her husband are talking. She's trying to have a baby. He wants her to play along with his games.

The bathroom floods.

An alarm sounds and the women all fall to the floor; Red and vee face to face making things worse. It's a weather alarm.

Everyone bunks down in the common room. 

Nicky and Piper help Luschek ready the generators only to learn the tanks of fuel are empty.

Caputo calls Fig at least six times but since she's at the fundraiser, she ignores his calls.

There is no working plumbing in the entire prison. The women must go in buckets. Soso sees it as a giant shared experience in deprivation and bursts into song.

Healy gives Pennsatucky a copy of "The End of Men." He says women are waiting for them to go obsolete.

Flashin' back to vee being vee. Manipulating and making sexual advances on the boy she fostered.

Caputo tells Fig about the blackout and she doesn't care.

Daya has a panic attack and she decides Bennett needs to confess so they can be a family or else just walk away.

Yoga tries to make Piper feel better about being transferred. Instead she gets angry.

Poussey and Taystee help save the books in the library.

Red tries to kill vee with saran wrap. vee calls a truce.

Flashback to vee in bed with her foster child. She sends him for a bomb pop and apparently calls the police to shoot to kill.

In the blackout Piper rifles through Fig's office and just then the light's go on. Caputo is outside and asks if she wants to explain.

At the fundraiser Fig sees her husband making out with a man.

The greenhouse is destroyed. vee enters and beats the crap out of Red.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Nicky: Now what?
Luschek: Threesome?

If you want to assassinate someone, vision is a basic requirement. It's like step 1, pick a person to kill. Step 2, kill the right person.