Falling Skies Review: Peace?

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Three episodes in and the 2nd Mass is still separated all over the place. That may work for Game of Thrones, but it leaves too little time to effectively develop all but the main story.

Two of the groups converge on Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 3 which will help, plus everyone is free now except for Matt. The escape from the Espheni ghetto was a thrill ride and enough to compensate for the lack of time spent with Anne, in Chinatown and in the youth camp.

Tom's plan to get out of the ghetto was complex with so many moving pieces it's a miracle that it actually worked out, especially given the snags along the way. It was a gripping escape for the most part, though in media res was not necessary. The opening scene with Tom on his motorcycle leading the Skitters away didn't add to the story at all, if anything, it distracted from it. 

During Tom's confrontation with Pope, did you have any doubt that he would be the one going over the fence? Probably not. As Hal lead the residents out of the tunnel and Tom led the Skitters into a trap, the initially reluctant Pope ended up being the hero that saved everyone. He suffered the electric shocks going up the fence not once, but twice, plus that fall had to hurt.

Pope never gave up. Whether he was driven by his own selfish want for freedom or not, it didn't matter. He made it over the fence, blew the explosives and whacked the tether until it disconnected from the Espheni ship. He deserves some extra rations, right? Not everyone made it out alive, but the mission was a resounding success.

Now, Tom and his group of the 2nd Mass can head out to find the rest of their people. Even though the Espheni ship flew off after the tether was disconnected, it didn't look like they have left the escapees alone. Weaver saw something on the overpass. What was it?

Weaver helped with the escape, but I can't shake this feeling that there's something "off" about him. He's not quite as strong willed as he was before or something. These new quirks lead me to believe he may have been altered or manipulated by the Espheni. I hope I'm wrong. For now, they are at least free from the ghetto.

Elsewhere, Maggie confronted Lexi about the meeting with the Espheni and it didn't end well for her. Lexi broke Maggie's hand and warned her that guns would threaten the peace of Chinatown. Anyone else wish Maggie had at least shot Lourdes in the head? That girl has gone crazy!

So far, I don't have a theory about what's truly going on with Lexi beyond that she's a hybrid of some sort. Anne's vision confirmed that the Espheni were responsible for her creation, but I don't think that was ever in doubt. After Lexi's warning about guns, it was intriguing to see Anne and her group enter Chinatown with their weapons raised.

Their arrival didn't cause a panic, instead Lourdes warming embraced Anne. I really hope Anne talks Lourdes down from the Lexi pedestal she's on. Even more heartwarming was the hug between Anne and Lexi. Anne's pragmatic side will likely come into conflict with Lexi's peaceful, spiritual side. Chinatown will not remain the peaceful utopia much longer.

Matt's time at the Espheni Youth Camp has been the most predictable and boring of all. Sheila's betrayal of her parents was no surprise nor was Matt's confession to protect Mira. He's a Mason after all. That family connection will either be his saving grace or cause him even more harm. Now that he's out of the main re-education class, I expect his story to improve. Well, I hope so at least!

"Exodus" felt like the end of the first segment of the season. The 2nd Mass was separated and working through their own issues. Going into the next chapter, I'd like to see more about what's really going on. What is the Espheni plan? Is Lexi right that they want peace? What happened to the "greater threat" that was mentioned in Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 2?

Do the Espheni really want a peaceful co-existence?

Exodus Review

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