Gossip Girl Rewatch: There Might Be Blood

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Jenny's awful haircut and Serena's boring relationship with Aaron Rose both continued on Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9.

Needless to say, this wasn't my favorite installment of GG!

Actually Jenny looked pretty cute in the above scene and it didn't hurt that she had Nate attached to her lips! Well it didn't hurt for viewers, but it definitely hurt her relationships.

After ditching Waldorf Designs after getting a little too big for her britches, Jenny decided to go out on her own with the help of crazy model Agnes. I'd like to say that I wish Eleanor had given Jenny more credit and let her sit in on some meetings to get the experience, but we all know that the world of fashion is vicious.

That just wasn't suitable for little J. I have to hand to her, she has a lot of balls for a 15-year-old girl. How many people can say they designed and created a season's worth of dresses seemingly overnight and then staged a guerilla fashion show?

Not that it mattered much to Rufus, Vanessa, or Dan. 

Elsewhere Blair and Serena attempted to find a way to help Blair get into Yale. That involved watching Emma, the daughter of a Yale VIP. Unfortunately Emma was more into getting ridden like My Little Pony than playing My Little Pony and that resulted in a chase around Manhattan.

Chuck: The only thing I like that aged is my Scotch.
Emma: What, it's old people? Blair told me it was all hot guys!
Chuck: Sounds to me like you've been taken for a ride.
Emma: How about you take me for a ride instead?
Chuck: Looks like you just hooked yourself a Bass.

Chuck almost fell for it, but then realized she was just a tad too young and crazy for his taste. Wait, Chuck has a conscience? Well at least he declared the back of the limo to be too sacred a spot for any shameful activities.

This episode was full of contradictions. Chuck and Blair had consciences and Serena wasn't getting a guy's undivided attention. Then Jenny and Rufus got into a fight that resulted in her moving out and it was like all was right in GG land again.

Don't forget you can visit GG land anytime you want when you watch Gossip Girl online!

So whose turn of conscience was more surprising to you? Chuck or Blair?

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