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The case on Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 6 made an impact and was clearly distressing, but I can't help thinking the entire episode was about Rusty again.

I've been able to sit back and let the Rusty stuff roll off my shoulders. He came to us when Brenda Leigh Johnson was running the division and I hate to see anything she started fall by the wayside.

However, we learn less and less about the other central characters as we continue to dig around into the story of Rusty. 

A girl who probably never reached 15 was found in the trash. She had hopes and dreams but no name. Her library card considered her Alice Herrera, but it was a name and address taken from a house near the tent city she lived in with other runaways and addicts.

The squad won't give up the search for her identity and since the scumbag who killed her refused the plea, the case will likely resurface. Everyone felt close enough to her, especially Flynn, that they arranged a service in her honor in the chapel. I admire that and hate that so many girls go missing and are never "found."

Sharon, meanwhile, has decided to adopt Rusty if he's willing. That means either her husband Jack goes along with it or they get divorced. Tom Berenger is back as the POS married to Sharon, and he's far worse this go around than he was before. Now that he's back on his feet, he has no reason to sweet talk his wife and his strong but true colors come out. He's a pig.

Jack even butters up Rusty and then tells him about Sharon's plans to adopt him before Sharon does. He brings up their "real family" as if he has even the slightest inclination to care about them. Honestly, I wish Sharon would have found a way of divorcing him without him having to return to the show.

In any event, with the murdered runaway living on the streets, Rusty's adoption and past on the streets himself it all felt like a big Rusty analogy.

Well, I'd like to learn more about Sykes. Sanchez still has a lot to share with us, I'm sure. We know fairly little about Tao. We met Buzz's sister once and know absolutely nothing about Hobbs, let alone Dr. Morales, outside the office. Let's have a day where we see what Provenza does at home or perhaps a date night with Flynn and Sharon, since Provenza brought it up. The point is -- do all roads have to lead back to Rusty?

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood. Maybe I've had one too many Rusty run-ins this season. Maybe I'm flat out sick of Rusty. Surely he's smart enough to take an early entrance exam for college. Let's get Sharon to adopt him and send him on his way, knowing he's safe with a family to fall back on.

The story was well done and I love that the characters care so much about their work, but I'm done with Rusty. I'm battered and bloody myself with as many times as the kid has been bashed over my head. Low ratings for any hour sacrificing the adults for Rusty, even if done allegorically, going forward.

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Is it time for Rusty to head off for greener pastures?

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