Manhattan Set Interviews: Science, Intrigue and High Stake Secrets

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We all know about the Manhattan Project, but the deception and intrigue - even among fellow scientists and their families - would be unbelievable if it weren't true.

Last month, we visited the set of this upcoming WGN drama to find out what the cast thinks about their roles and the work that was required to create the first atomic bomb.

Ashley Zuckerman (The Pacific) plays Charlie Isaacs, a "brilliant but untested wunderkind" who brings his wife across the country to work on the project, about which he has no knowledge of before he arrives and commits to the secrecy required of him.

Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards) plays his wife, Abby, a Boston girl with a privileged upbringing who is transformed by the move to New Mexico. Here's what they had to say about what's to come:

Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black) plays Louis 'Fritz' Fedowitz and Eddie Shin (Men of a Certain Age) plays Sid Liao, both scientists on Frank's team; while Alexia Fast (The Secret Circle) plays Callie Winter, Frank and Liza's daughter.

Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones) is Paul Crosley, an ambitious British scientist who takes every opportunity to further his own career, even at the expense of those who brought him to New Mexico and Katja Herbers is Helen Prins, one of the few female scientists assigned to the Manhattan Project.

Film star Daniel Stern (City Slickers) plays Glen Babbit, a "dry-witted, schred physicist" who engagingly protects his team as they try to work within the oppressive environment of Los Alamos, while also encouraging Frank Winter to break free to accomplish his best work. Christopher Denham (Argo) is Jim Meeks, a fiercely loyal member of Frank's team.

Manhattan will premiere on Sunday, July 27 on WGN America, as well as Tribune networks across the country. Come back for a full review of the premiere shortly after it airs!

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