"Damnation Memoriae"

On Manhattan Season 2 Episode 1, in the race to build the world's first atomic bomb, Charlie ends up being forced into a new leadership role in the season premiere.


On Manhattan, Charlie finds himself in the hot seat with the Army while Frank is faced with a life-changing opportunity.

"The Gun Model"

When Akley attempts to fix the Thin Man's shortcomings, puts himself in a vulnerable position on Manhattan.


A development overseas breaths new life into the hunt for a spy on the Hill on Manhattan.

"The Understudy"

Yet another unexpected visitor arrives on the Hill on this episode of Manhattan.

"Spooky Action at a Distance"

Frank and Charlie work together to hatch a plan on this episode of Manhattan.

"The Second Coming"

Serious questions are raised about both Charlie and Frank's projects on Manhattan.

"The New World"

Abby begins a journey of self discovery while Helen and Charlie must handle a crisis on Manhattan.

"Acceptable Limits"

Charlie and Helen travel to survey an off-site reactor while Frank tries to find medical advice on Manhattan.

"A New Approach to Nuclear Cosmology"

Frank clashes with Charlie when Babbit becomes the subject of an investigation on Manhattan.

Manhattan Quotes

Someone invented pie crust in a box? How is that not on the cover of the New York Times?


Charlie: Do you think anyone knew of Galileo in 1590?
Abby: I bet Galileo knew how to read a road map.