Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Run, Ali, Run"

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Whoa, PLL Fanatics! You didn't think you were getting of without a Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6 Round Table, did you? Not when there are important issues like Ravenswood to discuss. Can you believe that story is still clinging to life?

Join TV Fanatics Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton and Leigh Raines as they discuss mopey Caleb, the Hastings as suspects in Mrs. D's death, why the mystery of Shana's death is lingering and more. Hit the comments!


What was your favorite scene?

Teresa: Funnily enough, when Alison put that scarf on, I was thinking, "well, that's dangerous when someone's out to kill you." And then, boom!, A uses it to strangle her. Sometimes fashion needs to give way to safety.

Nick: It's a very small scene, but Ali's comment to Hanna about her love triangle is my favorite. Usually Spencer is the only blunt one.

Leigh: Hanna talking to Caleb in his cabin. He is the one person who truly, deeply knows her the most. I'm surprised it took until this week for one of the girls to comment on Hanna changing and I don't like how quickly Emily scolded Hanna.

PLL RT - depreciated -

How do you think Caleb will explain Ravenswood? Is that why he's still so down?

Teresa: I never watched Ravenswood, so I'm not clear on what exactly happened. My understanding from seeing promos is that everyone was really dead? I'm not sure how to explain all that. Maybe Caleb's just bummed his solo effort didn't really pan out and he's back in Rosewood.

Nick: I never watched Ravenswood after its season premiere, so I really can't answer this well. But I'll give you my best guess: Caleb has always been a protector. He protects Hanna and the girls from A, and is always looking out for her best interests before he went to Ravenswood. I can't imagine that changed once he got into Ravenswood. The series getting the axe there's plenty of unresolved issues that have no doubt gone on for him, and it's eating at him that he can't fix them. At the same time, Hanna is always the first to throw out some dramatics, and telling her the truth will most likely have Hanna freak out just a bit. So Caleb's in a rough patch, and he can't really talk about it with Hanna at all without getting a ticket to Radley.

Leigh: Okay so as the person who reviewed Ravenswood- there is really no way for Caleb to explain it without bringing the supernatural and PLL doesn't want that. He will probably talking about a "complicated family history and some shady disconcerting things" but leave it ominous.

Mr. Hastings didn't kill Mrs. D. Does that open the door wider for Veronica to be the culprit or are the Hastings in the clear?

Teresa: I still think Veronica had something to do with Mrs. Di's death. So far, Melissa's been a constant suspect, but she always comes away clean. Veronica just seems a little too normal (albeit controlling) for Rosewood.

Nick: As much as I like to believe Veronica is calm and cool, if Mrs. D was throwing those kinds of accusations around, I'm pretty sure she would protect her children from the accuser at all costs. She's fiercely protective of her children and a little shoveling to make sure they're mulch doesn't seem out of bounds for her.

Leigh: Wait we're just believing Mr. Hastings because he said he didn't? Psh! This show has "liars" in the title.

Why does A want Ali to stay in Rosewood?

Teresa: It's a lot easier to torture her when she's in one place. She was already very jumpy before A tried to kill her. I'm sure A gets a thrill out of seeing her squirm. Plus, all the secrets in Rosewood need to be exposed before she's free to go.

Nick: As A puts it, it's time to let the caged bird sing. With Ali being kept in Rosewood it becomes easier to damage her life and to ruin it even more. Not to mention A now has an easier time giving hell to all the ladies if they're in one place.

Leigh: Easier to make her life a living hell. Lots of people have a lot of anger they want to take out on Ali.

Does anyone care about the who killed Shana inquiry?

Teresa: Actually, I think it's better than just letting the whole thread drop. Shana wasn't A, and it's very frustrating when the show just ignores these little reveals to move on to new mysteries. Plus, it gives Lt. Tanner a chance to finally expose all the lies. And it's waaaay better than watching Aria brood over the whole thing.

Nick: Not in the slightest. Shana and what she brings with her - the fatigue of yet another A minion biting the dust is beginning to wear on me as a viewer. I'm constantly getting slapped in the face whenever a new "reveal" happens, and its time to change the game of the show. There's only so many false starts, inconclusive answers, and red herrings a viewer can take before packing up their time and moving on to other entertainment options.

Leigh: I just love the detective because she was Liz on Nip/Tuck!

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