Suits Round Table: “Pound of Flesh”

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A minor emergency brought Harvey and Mike back together, but it was only temporary on Suits Season 4 Episode 5.

Join TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Michelle Carlbert as they discuss the implications of Mike and Harvey’s forced hands, Harvey’s treatment of Rachel, Louis and Donna’s adventures and more.


Mike and Harvey basically came to a truce in this episode, but are now both being forced to continue the fight. Do you think things are about to get worse or that maybe they will find a way to work together?

Christine: I really hope they find a way to work together. Having them at odds is OK in the short term, but long term I'm not sure where this story is going and I'd like to see them working as a team once again.

Chandel: I think now that the SEC is accusing Harvey and Mike of colluding that they will have to find a way to keep the personal and the professional strictly separated and battle their common enemy. That's what they do best. What complicates that is that they no longer work together, so any double-teaming will look suspicious. It will be fun to watch this play out.

Michelle: We had a few minutes in this episode where the guys were almost back to being friendly again, but I’m sure that was short-lived. While it was nice to see, I bet we’re not even close to seeing the end of the war between them.

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Who do you think will end up being hurt the most when everything is over? Mike, Harvey or maybe one of the people they care about?

Christine: I think it's going to be Mike. I feel as though he's got the most to lose and I think Rachel's going to get caught in the crossfire, whether emotionally or professionally.

Chandel: This question is hard to answer. It is very hard to see all these relationships keep taking hits without realizing that no one is coming out of this unscathed. For that reason, I think everyone will end up hurt in some way, whether professionally or personally. I think only time will tell who is hurt in what way.

Michelle: It’s a toss-up, really. All of them have been hurt and will probably continue to be hurt, but I’m starting to think that Mike is the one who’s going to fall the hardest. He’s tried his hand at being cut-throat and now it’s gotten him into deep water with Forstman. I don’t see that relationship ending well at all.

Was Harvey just treating Rachel like anyone else when he refused to give her time off or was he taking his anger out at Mike on her?

Christine: Both. When Harvey's under stress he can be a real prick but that was coupled with his anger at Mike and I think he definitely took it out on Rachel.

Chandel: That was all about being upset with Mike. He'll try and sucker punch Mike any way he can and separating the professional battle from the personal one is a difficult task neither side is handling well.

Michelle: Unfortunately, I do think he was caught up in the moment and perhaps did take a little of his anger at Mike out on her. Then again, it’s something that he would have done to anyone working for him. The great thing was seeing him admit to being a jerk when she ended up in the hospital. Harvey knows he’s a jackass sometimes and he’s not above admitting it.

Rachel seems to be thinking more and more about Logan, plus there was that almost-kiss. Do you think she would actually cheat on Mike?

Christine: Logan definitely wants Rachel and knows her well enough to put some serious moves on her. Rachel is physically exhausted, completely stressed out and becoming emotionally overwrought. In that state almost anything can happen.

Chandel: I don't think Rachel will cheat on Mike. I think that at times of great stress people can get distracted and potentially make decisions they wouldn't under normal circumstances. So while I have faith in Rachel, the conditions to cause something bad to happen are certainly present.

Michelle: If I’d been asked that question last season or even earlier this season, I would have said “no way,” but now I’m honestly not so sure. I know things have been tough between her and Mike, but I didn’t think they were tough enough for her to keep thinking about Logan the way she is. It just doesn’t make sense and I hope she doesn’t throw away what she has with Mike.

What did you think of Louis and Donna’s story in this episode? Did you suspect her true intentions all along?

Christine: No, I didn't suspect it although I should have. As someone who likes Shakespeare, I enjoyed the story and the look into both of their backgrounds as far as the road not taken. But there was a moment when Louis said he was going to retire that I thought he meant retire from the law and I almost choked on my popcorn!

Chandel: I did NOT see Donna's play coming. It was pretty ingenious and I'm glad she found a way to build up her rather beaten down co-worker in an area that means a lot to both of them.

Michelle: I absolutely adored their story. Louis and Donna’s friendship is just one of the many special relationships on this show that I love. You’d never think they would be friends, but they are and their closeness is great to watch. I never suspected that Donna had been setting Louis up, which just goes to show how brilliant she is.

What were your overall thoughts of the episode?

Christine: Overall, I liked it but I'm afraid all of my favorite characters are just headed down a path of pain. Mike and Rachel because of Logan. Mike and Harvey being at odds. Even Jessica will probably be pulled down by her personal relationships. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see happy times ahead.

Chandel: Pretty solid. I definitely thought there would be more emphasis on Rachel in the hospital, but I really liked seeing how everything fit together and look forward to seeing how it all progresses. Something is coming, I can feel it.

Michelle: I’m getting increasingly nervous about where the fight between Mike and Harvey will end up. Every time it seems as though we’ve seen the worst of it, someone comes out with a new way to hurt the other. At this point I feel like we’re waiting for something awful and I’ve got that feeling like a person watching someone else squeeze a balloon. I know it’s going to pop and I’m cringing in anticipation.

What about you, TV Fanatics? What did you think of this episode of Suits? Do you think Rachel would ever cheat on Mike?

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