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When more shares of the Gillis Industries look like they may become available, Mike sets out to buy them out from under Logan Sanders, but when Harvey catches onto the plan, Mike is forced to recalculate his next move. Meanwhile, he struggles with the possibility his sale will shut Sidwell out of a cut of the profits.

Louis helps Donna prepare for a theatre role, but finds herself doubting her abilities in the last minute. Louis steps in with an epic peptalk. But Louis might also get a chance to overcome some old wounds of his own.

Rachel becomes anxious about her all of the balls she's juggling as well as her growing attraction to Logan, and the stress of juggling work and law school finally catch up to her.

Mike and Harvey called a cease fire, but it backfired when Harvey being investigated by Cahill comes to light.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Donna: Is that the Bard?
Louis: No, it's the Litt.

Walk away, Harvey. You're gonna lose.