The Bridge Review: Finger, Hand, Ear?

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The happenings of The Bridge Season 1 left Marco, Sonya and Daniel damaged; each in their own way. 

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 1 picked up the threads of Eva's kidnapping and and recovery, Daniela's disappearance, the death of Sonya's sister and Fausto's money.

This broader range of storylines could have led to a disjointed episode, but instead they complemented each other well.

After Eva was found, she was brought to the United States and protected by Hank and Sonya. They both risked their jobs to help her and it turned out to be even more dangerous than they expected. Eva was never supposed to live let alone be found and rescued. During a raid in Mexico, Marco was targeted and a corrupt officer showed up at Hank's place. They are being targeted for helping Eva. 

Marco's life is a mess after his son's death and his divorce from his wife. Marco isolated himself from Sonya until she went to him regarding Eva. The story of the missing Juarez girls is far from over. Marco and Sonya are perfectly positioned to continue the investigation and bring down the cops involved.

That's of course if Marco doesn't self-destruct first. 

Eva decided to leave and go to the Farm for safe keeping and Hank reluctantly agreed. Bob came and picked her up, so she'll likely be reunited with Linder. Even though he's on the weird side, I'm looking forward to seeing Eva and Linder back together again. They are a good pairing and he cares about her unconditionally. After all she's been through, she could use his support.

It wasn't clear how much Marco or Sonya have been looking into the missing Juarez girls since they recovered Eva, but the case hasn't been ignored. Daniel Frye is determined to figure out what happened to Daniela. He has the investigative skills and contacts to succeed as long as his drinking doesn't get in the way.

Two beers a day! If he can actually keep to only two beers a day without any other drugs, he may make it. I wouldn't put money on that though. One super-stressful day or bad news could send him into another tailspin. For now, he's found a connection with the immigration department and it's a good place to start.

Marco, Sonya and Daniel should really team up on the investigation, but that would be too easy. They are all troubled and at least one of them will likely go down a dark path due to their work or personal problems. Of course, those challenges will just make the story that much more interesting.

We didn't see Fausto in the premiere, but his presence was felt through the new character, Eleanor Nacht. She's one frightening lady. She's not a stereotypical accountant. Instead of tracking credits and debits in a book, she personally holds people accountable for their errors. The price could be an ear, a life, or those of your family members. Oh, and don't spill tea on her or you'll lose an ear.

Franka Potente was perfectly cast as Eleanor Nacht. She's a woman in control, not afraid to make her feelings known and punishes without hesitation. It wasn't clear why Chip had to die, but I'm sure that will be uncovered at some point. She doesn't hold back. It was creepy to see the hybrid driving around in a circle with her driver dead and a dog in the car.

As scary as Eleanor ended up being, I'm intrigued by her motivation and also by her tattoo. She asked the boys who found her for help, but since they saw her washing blood off her body, it's unlikely they will make it through the night. 

For the most part, I enjoyed the premiere and found the new story direction to be intriguing. I'm glad to see how all the characters from last season have been incorporating into the stories for the new season. We didn't see Charlotte, but she should show up soon given the new partnership she forged with Fausto.

The only storyline I'm not quite sold on is regarding Sonya and the Dobbs' brothers. As soon as she met Jack Dobbs, I was sure she would sleep with him. That's Sonya's thing and she didn't waste any time. While I saw that coming, I have no idea where she goes next with him or if that will help her heal from her sister's murder. 

Sonya's a unique character and even though she's predictable in some regards, she's a wild card in others.

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