Under the Dome Review: Four Hands Revisited

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It only took until Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 4 for the series to take a serious look at resource shortages under the Dome.

In addition, the hour provided a history lesson on the Dome's origin.

The resource issue should have come up by the middle of Under the Dome Season 1, but instead we got stories like Maxine Seagrave (Natalie Zea) and her weird fight club. I'm not sure if the reveals have come too late or not, it will depend how it all plays out over the rest of the season.

Melanie's Past

Rebecca, the science teacher, is crazy. She's right something had to be done to protect the community as a whole from extinction, but releasing a virus was not the best idea. Her resolution brought up one of the major problems I have with the series as a whole. Why weren't they worrying about resources from the first moment?

Okay, maybe I can give them the benefit of the doubt during the first week, but they have been under the Dome long enough that they should have been rationing supplies and food. Have they gone through all the empty houses and looked for provisions? It didn't look like anyone had cleared out Melanie's childhood home yet.

Chester's Mill narrowly escaped a disaster when Rebecca decided she couldn't go through with releasing the virus. If she wouldn't have overheard about the other pig deaths, she would have done it. Since neither Big Jim nor Rebecca went through with their plan, they'll most likely be out of jail in the morning.

The issue of food shortages isn't going away though. The town will need to do a complete inventory of resources in people's homes and in the community. It may not add many days to their supply, but it's something. Besides, how many other residences are there that have remained off the grid? We had Maxine last season and Sam this year. There's got to be more hermits out there.

Melanie was the key to unlocking the mystery behind the Dome's origin. She went missing in 1988 and was never to seen again until now. She was drawn to the Dome's egg back then along with Pauline, Sam and Lyle. It's all becoming connected. They were the original four hands that released the egg.

When Melanie was killed holding the egg, its essence went into her. My guess is that her body was thrown into the lake and when Julie put the new egg there for protection, it resurrected Melanie through the essence within her and brought her back to life.

Was Angie killed to parallel Melanie's death? Perhaps.

Lyle has lost it and Sam's definitely suspicious, especially with the scratches on his shoulder. I don't trust either of them right now. They know more than they have let on for far too long. Is the secret to the Dome in Pauline's journals? Probably. The image Lyle was looking at had 1831 written on it, so that's likely important.

Under the Dome is finally getting interesting. It's taken too long to get here and I hope it keeps it up. The resource issue is a life or death situation, while the mystery of the egg and Dome might be as well. It will be intriguing to find out if communication will be restored on a more permanent basis between Chester's Mill and the outside world.

Open communication would allow Pauline to play a greater role in the story and she's clearly a woman with answers. Plus, how awesome will it be when Big Jim finds out his wife has been alive all this time? Can't wait!

Who do you trust the most?

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