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Rebecca comes up with a swine flu virus from a sick pick to control the population. Jim agrees to put it in the water, but Rebecca took the sample to the church. Julia and Sam stop Jim and then get to Rebecca as she's leaving the church. The science teacher realized the virus had mutated and ditched plans. Big Jim and Rebecca are locked up.

Barbie, Norrie and Joe help Melanie figure out who she is. They find a newspaper article showing she disappeared decades prior. They visit her childhood home and find drawings of stars. Melanie remembers pink stars and takes them to the spot where they found the egg. She gets her memory back.

Melanie, Pauline, Sam and Lyle were the original 4 hands. Melanie took the egg and was then killed. The essence of the egg entered her body.

Julia invites Sam in, but pushes him away when he goes in for a kiss. She says he can stay though. When Barbie shows up, Julia slams door on him. Sam has claw scratch marks on his shoulder.

Under the Dome
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