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The cartel makes Drew's death look like a suicide, devastating Elena and Carmen. To make matters worse, the truth comes out about the Southfork fire being arson on Dallas Season 3 Episode 10.

John Ross begs Pamela for forgiveness but she tells him their marriage is over. Later she tells Sue Ellen that just because it's over doesn't mean she'll divorce him. She won't risk her shares of Ewing Global.

Emma tries to take over the cartel business from her father while Heather and Michael head to Tel Aviv where Bo can have specialized surgery after she and Christopher decide to call it quits.

Elena takes drastic measure to get JR's letter about his master plan out of John Ross' wallet.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh good. You can go now. My mother-in-law can make sure I don't slit my wrists.


I don't blame JR. I blame myself for trying to be JR.

John Ross