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The cartel makes Drew's death look like a suicide. Carmen and Elena are heartbroken. When it's proven that Drew set the fire at Southfork, Elena tells Carmen that JR stole their father's land.

John Ross begs forgiveness but Pamela tells him their marriage is over but she later tells Sue Ellen that she won't divorce him for fear that she'll lose her shares of Ewing Global.

Drew sent Emma a letter saying how much he cared about her. She's devastated by his death and blames her father for forcing him to set the bomb that killed Pamela's unborn children. Later, Emma approaches the cartel. She wants Harris put back in jail.

Carmen sees John Ross put a letter in his wallet from JR. She and Elena realize that it could prove that the Ewings set up Cliff Barnes. Later that night, Elena sleeps with John Ross in order to get the letter…using her faulty diaphragm as birth control.

Bo needs specialized surgery to repair his spine that can only be done in Tel Aviv. Christopher arranges for it and then sends Heather and Michael with him, ending his and Heather's relationship.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh good. You can go now. My mother-in-law can make sure I don't slit my wrists.


I don't blame JR. I blame myself for trying to be JR.

John Ross