Falling Skies Review: Boom!

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Tick, tick... boom!

Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 7 was my favorite episode of the season so far. It dealt with real issues, threats and sacrifice. There's been a lot of meaningless talk this season and not much action, but that wasn't the case in "Saturday Night Massacre."

If there was a weak element of the hour, it was with Lexi. I'm sure there will be a big payoff for her character at some point, but so far it hasn't held my interest. As soon as she came out of the cocoon and called her father, "Tom Mason," it was clear she wasn't going to stick around with her family.

She may have had a connection to Anne, but it wasn't enough to overcome the betrayal she felt by her family's refusal to adopt a peaceful existence over violence. The Second Mass was afraid of her and rightfully so. While she preached peace, she never understood humans or their values as she proved when she killed Lourdes. Death was not the freedom her friend was seeking.

Lexi left the community to reunite with her Espheni family. Will she find what she's looking for there? I doubt it. They are not a peaceful people either and she'll likely find their methods even more reproachable. As much as I don't want Ben to get on the Espheni ship, his counsel could help Lexi see the truth behind both sides and come to recognize her human family's need versus want for violence.

It's sad that Lexi can't see beyond her family's use of guns. She's alive because of the love that Tom, Anne and her brothers have for her. If they didn't have a connection with her or believe she has good in her, they would have just used violence and killed her. We don't have any insight into what her Espheni father has been teaching her. That will be interesting to contrast with the Mason's love for her.

Given Lexi's powers, she could be the "weapon" that settles the war once and for all. It's just a question of which side she'll support.

With Lexi gone from Chinatown, the Overlord burned by Tom brought an army to defeat the goggled man once and for all. The 2nd Mass put together a brilliant plan and it almost worked. There was no way they could foresee the gas main break happening. The first wave of Espheni were killed without many 2nd Mass casualties with the exception of Lexi's followers who sat on the road as sacrificial lambs. 

The gas main explosion was devastating to the 2nd Mass. Instead of waiting for the second wave of Espheni to come and finish them off, they used the destruction to their favor. The survivors hid in an underground bunker to leave an appearance that everyone died. And Tector was supposed to teach Tom to shoot the old rifle to kill the Overlord.

With little time, Tector disobeyed Tom and knocked him unconscious and took the shot himself. He failed to kill the Overlord, but he succeeded in making him believe that Tom was dead by blowing himself and a skitter up. The burned body with goggles should be enough to convince the Overlord that his nemesis, Tom Mason, is dead.

Lexi's departure from Chinatown led to many deaths, including Lourdes, Dr. Kadar, Tector, and many other during the attack and gas explosion. It was the Espheni that caused so much destruction, not the humans. Will she find out about Tom's "death" and could that help her see the light?

Is Lexi redeemable?

Saturday Night Massacre Review

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