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Lexi comes out the cocoon and turns away from her human family because they refused to follow her in peace. When Lourdes asks to go with her because she wants to be set free, Lexi kills her. Lexi believes they are full of violence and leaves to go to her Espheni family. Ben follows her to try and get her to come back with him.

The Overlord that Tom burned found Chinatown and amassed an army to attack. The Volm blow up a bridge to give the 2nd Mass time to put up a defense.

When the first wave of fighters arrive, the plan works and the Mechs are burned and blow up. During the attack, a gas main breaks and explodes which kills everyone behind the barricade. Dr. Kadar dies from a glass shard in the side and Maggie is missing. She's shown unconscious, but alive in the ruble.

The survivors prepare for a second wave by pretending to be dead and hiding in the underground bunker. Tom wants to take out the Overlord and asks Tector to show him how to use the old rifle. Instead, Tector knocks Tom unconscious and buries him, so he can take the shot.

Tector takes the shot and then blows himself and a skitter up. The Overlord appears to believe Tom is dead.

Lexi and Ben talk, but he's not able to convince her to return with him. She asks him to come with her. His harness lights up when a ship appears.


Falling Skies
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