Gossip Girl Rewatch: In the Realm of the Basses

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After the well done episode and difficult departure of Bart Bass in Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 13, everyone had one question on their minds:

How would Chuck Bass react?

For most people there are 5 stages of grief: Denial/Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

For Chuck Bass, this played out pretty much exactly by the book, but with #5 lingering. Chuck Bass is very stubborn and very dark. It will take him a little more than a pep talk from Blair to accept the loss of his father. But by the end of "In the Real of the Basses" after Chuck revisited the Denial/Isolation portion by drowning himself in booze, hookers, and drugs in another part of the world...Chuck maybe have come to some sort of acceptance.

All it took was a little visit from Jack Bass.

Jack: Blair, you came to greet us.
Blair: Not you. Chuck. You said you found him.
Jack: In Bangkok. He was staying at our hotel there. You hear the term "den of iniquity," but until you really see one -
Blair: Do you have him or not?

Sure he swooped in as the hero, the hot young uncle who was able to find Chuck and bring him home. Chuck clearly liked him. Umm and Blair did too at some point...Rash decision, B? I know we all have our stupid hook ups and regrets, but talk about hitting a little close to home.

It takes another few episodes until everyone realized that Jack Bass never had Chuck's best intentions at heart. For now, he was someone Chuck saw as an ally. Next to Blair of course.

Blair tried to deny it, especially after Chuck threw her saying "I love you" back in her face when she was just trying to help. Then she had the argyle wearing matron posse over and realized that there was no reason to try and impress these people. Angry and nasty or not, Chuck needed her.

I thought I was leaving high school behind. I guess I never do.


Seriously, how awful was The Colony Club? I'd rather be wiping Pinkberry off of Penelope's shoe any day than have to deal with women who are actually still that awful and immature in their middle age! 

Well before Blair and Jack rescued Chuck from his meltdown on the roof, Chuck shared a juicy tidbit with Dan. The big secret that Rufus and Lily were hiding was that they had a son who Lily gave up for adoption. Chuck decided not to say anything but that was before his hardcore spiral around the globe. Besides, he knew Dan would figure it out sooner or later.

Rufus had every right to be angry with Lily. Dan also had every right to feel creeped out about macking it to Serena after he found out they shared a sibling.

[to Dan] It's done as soon as you tell her... Sharing a sibling is a bit much, even for me.


This episode was kind of the necessary transition episode after the new year. Bart had just died, Chuck was MIA, Blair confessed her love, the writers finally realized nobody liked Serena with Aaron Rose, and last but not least Rufus and Lily had to deal with the big secret. Plus we got to meet an important new character!

So what was your first impression of Jack Bass?

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