Major Crimes Review: For Rusty's Sake

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Stories about strong women are appreciated. 

In Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 10 there were two strong women at play, a previously unknown officer named Kate Sherman and Sharon Raydor. There was even an honorable mention or two.

I'm still not sure what the heck is going on with SOB, but they're always around now. Fritz apparently had a heart attack because of a 90% blockage in his heart, but even though doctor Colin Ferguson (who cares what his real name was... nice guest appearance!) suggested he should retire, Fritz refused.

That meant he was out on the streets (after telling his doc his promotion was a desk job) and on a massive amount of blood thinners. Even so, he still clutched at his heart more than once. That storyline is starting to concern me.

The other reason SOB was on board was because one of his officers was lent out by McGinnis and subsequently kidnapped into a female slavery ring. McGinnis is still difficult to tolerate, but if the new job means Kate Sherman jumps on board, I'm good with that.

Sherman was a perfect officer. In a horrible situation she helped one of the kidnapped girls to escape while valiantly saying not to think of her, but to make sure this didn't happen to more girls. Unfortunately, the freed girl was run down by her captors and killed, but in the end, Sherman was saved.

She was strong and feisty and refused to give up. Her part was very enjoyable and I wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

Also strong and on point was Sykes, who took down the male portion of the brother and sister kidnapping crew. She was a fierce shot and I loved that Sanchez stood beside her shortly afterward and shoulder-bumped her in solidarity. 

Sharon was the epitome of strength as she had to deal with Rusty's mother. That cow had the audacity to ask Rusty to sell himself on the streets so he could make bail money for her. When Sharon learned of that, she calmly visited the mother, shared her "deal" which included the full sentence for her recent arrest for theft and random drug tests to ensure she wouldn't play her reindeer games while in the slammer.

If she does decide to do the wrong thing, she will instead serve out the full 6 year tail of the original case for which she was out. She petulantly begged "for the sake of Rusty" her little boy that things be different, and then screamed in anger when she didn't get her way. 

I sincerely hope Rusty catches wind of what happened and never wants to see her again. That he did after she asked him to prostitute himself for her shows he is still not immune to her powers over him and that's just unacceptable.

And so we're at the summer finale. You can watch Major Crimes online if you need a fix before November. Take the poll below and hit the comments to share why you graded the summer run as you did.

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