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The Major Crimes unit and the Special Operations Bureau spar over the investigation into young women who are disappearing from a nightclub. Fitz must deal with some health concerns. 

Fritz had a 90% blockage of his heart, is on heavy duty blood thinners and it's recommended he retire. He does not.

While Major Crimes argues with SOB Officer McGuinness over a missing officer, Rusty goes to see his mom in jail.

Rusty's mom asks him to prostitute himself to get her bail money.

As Rusty's mom talks about how bad jail is, we discover where the police officer, Kate Sherman, is being held, making Rusty's mom look like she's in a castle.

Kate tries to get the girl who is kidnapped with her, Ginny, to run for her life and try to stop these people. 

Rusty is relieved that his mom is in jail rather than on the streets.

The girl who escaped was killed by her kidnappers in the streets. They're selling girls and need them skinny for transport.

The find the criminal, who is, as usual, an idiot. Sykes gets to take him down.

They go to find Kate gone and the kidnapper pretending to be a victim.

Kate is being transported on a semi-truck and breaks out of her box just before the squad gets to her.

Sharon goes to visit Rusty's mother and gives her the terms of her "deal."



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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I just found some surveillance material in the ladies' room in a very wrong place.


Provenza: Thirty, thirty-five? That could be anyone!
Buzz: Not you.

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