Mistresses Review: What Happened to Harry?

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It's been a while since we've seen Harry's mean side but it certainly reared its ugly head in Mistresses Season 2 Episode 12 and unfortunately, things may never be the same. 

Poor Joss never saw it coming. First her mother-in-law-to-be dropped the love and kisses act and let her snarky side show through as she told Joss that all of that talk about Harry was "unseemly" and then tried to cover Joss' cleavage. If that wasn't a sneak peek of things to come I don't know what was.

After stumbling upon Harry doing a full frontal for Greta (apparently his twig and berries live up to the "Harry" moniker) I had to laugh when Harry told Joss she was acting inappropriate when she called him out for sleeping with Greta. I'm pretty sure that having sex with the boss on top of a table at work actually ranks higher on the inappropriate list. 

It was the fight at the end that will do permanent damage because even if the words can be forgiven, Joss will never forget the moment dear, sweet Harry turned on her like a snake.

It's been quite a while since we've seen this side of Harry. The side that froze Savi out when they couldn't get pregnant. That side that gets moody and angry and lashes out at the people who love him the most. 

Joss is a forgiving soul but when Harry told her that her wedding to Scott was never going to happen and that he wasn't about to lose his restaurant to her first marriage, Joss had had enough. She finally saw the side of Harry that had sent Savi running to Dom. 

The sad part is that Harry can be a great guy. Telling Scott about her father's records that she keeps under her bed proves that. And I'm sure that the upcoming season finale will come down to a choice to be made between Scott and Harry but I don't see a choice at all. Joss and Scott make a wonderful couple and if Harry can't be a friend to Joss after the way she's stood by him, then he doesn't deserve her. 

Elsewhere, Savi went on a date with Zack and it didn't go well.  Fancy restaurants should be off limits for first dates, there's just too much pressure. The second date went better but as a viewer I have to say I could have done with the singing.

And what the hell was Zack thinking when he drove like a bat out of hell with Savi on the back of his bike? He already knew how nervous she was. Did he think he was being cute? Was that a passive aggressive streak showing itself? The entire episode had me hoping that Savi's moment of clarity was that she wanted to make things work with Dom. They had much better chemistry.

Speaking of Dom, April went to him when things got messy with the FBI. 

I loved April's Mistresses quote when she couldn't be there for Karen…

I wish I could go with you but I have to go back to the FBI office tomorrow so I can help my not-married ex-boyfriend find my not-dead ex-husband who currently works for some drug dealing overlord.


And you thought your life was complicated. 

I was surprised when April asked Daniel where they were going to send Paul. Even if he was going into Witness Protection, she'd probably never see him again. But the truth was he was probably going to prison and that was just one more lie piled on top of the rest. It was too much for April.

My guess is that Dom is going to fight for April by pointing out the unethical practice of having an undercover agent sleep with a suspect's wife and become entangled in her and her child's life. That has to have some sort of consequences…or at least I hope it does. 

And we've never really seen Dom and April spend any time together. If Savi really isn't going back to Dom, is there any chance for a Dom/April pairing? Dom is just too much fun to end up on the sidelines.

Finally we get to Karen. When Ben showed up at her door he was so serious. I remember thinking that if the roles were reversed and he were the woman, I'd think he was pregnant. 

Unfortunately it was far, far worse. Ben is HIV positive. The clincher is that Doctor Karen Kim was so drunk at the time that she doesn't even remember if they used a condom. Having one night stands with total strangers is one thing. Having unprotected sex with them is quite another. You'd think, as a doctor Karen would know better. 

But this is Karen and common sense left the building long, long ago if it was ever here at all. 

Tell me, TV Fanatics, as we head towards the Mistresses season finale, do you want to see Joss choose Harry or Scott?

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Savi: He was trying to teach me how to do that pop up thing. I never actually popped up.
Joss: I bet he did.

Stop right there before i Jezebel your ass. You my friend are a grown woman and if the Universe is going to punish you then the Universe is a sexist pig.