Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "March of Crimes"

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It's time for the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 9 Round Table.

TV Fanatics are discussing the random arrested kidnapper, whether Ali's life is at stake, and the awkward twinsies Sydney and Jenna were sporting, among other things!

It's your turn, PLL Fanatics. Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Nick McHatton by sharing your own thoughts in the comments. Hit 'em!


Who is the dude masquerading as the kidnapper?

Leigh: If we're being realistic, probably someone A hired to see if he/she could guilt Ali into the truth and catch her in her lie. Maybe not. Maybe just a creep or a guy who is trying to find his way into the slammer for some reason.

Teresa: I'm thinking this is someone Alison hired. Seems like something either Alison or A would do, so let's go with the less obvious answer.

Nick: Ali's already shown that she's willing to pull out all the stops she needs to make sure this kidnapping lie can hold up, even if the police know she's a pretty little liar, so I'm going with Ali calling in a favor, blackmailing, or paying random hot dude to be her kidnapper.

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After all this, is Ali going to die?

Leigh: I'm sure they will fake us out again and then we'll find out she's alive in the next premiere. I don't like her much to be honest and wouldn't mind the show focusing on the core four again.

Teresa: I don't think so. I'm thinking a more minor character will die and not one of the "liars." Unless we're to infer a possible victim from the shows promo image of the masks. Only one of those masks is cracked.

Nick: I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Ali die. Her reintroduction to Rosewood has been bland, and her back story with the girls has described her as mostly being a bitch. Every time Ali has shown to have rehabilitated her past ways is coupled with another moment of her being an outright jerk to people once more, so it is very hard to root for Ali and the ladies trying to get to the bottom of who A is and why they are conducting his or her vendetta when you would rather see Ali back in the ground.

Rate how Ashley handled finding Hanna's flask.

Leigh: She handled it pretty damn cool to be honest. The average teen mom would fly off the handle and be like "you're grounded, etc etc etc!" but Ashley was just like "look you're just screwing yourself because this isn't an answer to anything. Basically you're being an idiot."

Teresa: Not so good. Hanna has been an obvious wreck and I'm surprised by her mother's mild reaction.

Nick: Like a pro, 99% of teenagers tune out when yelling happens. Ashley instead just keeps it blunt for Hanna by reminding her drowning yourself in alcohol does not lead to solved problems. She understands the stress and craziness that has surrounded Hanna's life, but that's not a reason to turn to a bottle for comfort.

Is Aria's family on the mend?

Leigh: They just might be! But more importantly, Aria and Hanna's friendship is on the mend.

Teresa: I suppose so. Byron and Ella have been able to maintain a friendly relationship, but after his cheating with a younger woman I really wanted to see her find happiness with a younger man. Just to reverse that old cliché.

Nick: Byron was a jerk, and in the end so was Zack sadly. Ella should just move away from Rosewood altogether to find a hot guy and a new life. The men in Rosewood are clearly enjoying whatever it is that is in the water supply.

More or less to Sydney's story? Awkward friend who wants to support Jenna with twinsie outfits or part of Mona's Army?

Leigh: I don't know, but the matching was pretty weird...especially because Jenna can't see her anyway. The best part of Sydney's story was seeing Emily tear her a new one like the BOSS that Emily Fields is.

Teresa: And speaking of clichés.... There has to be more to the story. Jenna's not that interesting or even that compellingly and sympathetic, so there has to be more. Too bad I don't care about Sydney!

Nick: I originally liked her because of her opportunity to be a mole for Mona, but saddling her with the story black hole that is Jenna makes her instantly boring for me. Keep her with Mona's army otherwise she's just another long list of random characters that I couldn't care less about.

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