Tyrant Review: For the People

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The truth will set you free or so it's said. 

For Bassam, the saying was very much true. On Tyrant Season 1 Episode 7, he had so much truth dumped on him that a lesser man would have packed up his things and run home. He didn't do that though, instead Bassam used the truth and took action. 

Whether his actions will make Abuddin a better place in the long run or not won't be known right away, but Bassam acted with the country's best interest in mind even if he did a horrible thing by killing the Sheik.

I never believed for a second that Bassam would leave his brother or Abuddin, but his decision was clinched when his mother revealed the truth about this uncle. Bassam suffered pain and heartbreak over what he believed his father had done. His mother may have saved the nation by telling her son the truth. It propelled him in a new direction and empowered him to make tough decisions.

Every step Bassam took throughout the hour pushed him closer to killing the Sheik and then undermining his brother. He felt enormous guilt over shooting and killing the man as a kid, but in the end Bassam's actions actually saved the man's family. Fate works in mysterious ways.

It was that realization that allowed him to take the Sheik's life. The death of the one man would allow the country to move towards peace. If the Sheik woke up, chaos would have ensued and many more lives would be lost. I'm not sure that justifies killing the old man though. There could have been another way.

If the Sheik lived, couldn't Bassam have confided in him the truth about his own father and uncle? The younger Al-Fayeed son could then have pleaded with the Sheik to let what Jamal did go for the good of the country. I don't know if it would have worked or not, but perhaps that would have been a better option. Regardless, Bassam wasn't going to take the chance; he decided one old man's life was worth the many who would be saved.

Jamal has proved time and time again that he's not stable enough to be President. He's more dangerous than General Tariq because he's impulsive and without any self-control. Bassam doesn't even know most of what his brother has done. The Lion Tamer is going to take out the Lion.

I'm intrigued to see what Bassam does next. Will he want to become President himself? He asked Tucker for the name of people against Jamal's presidency and he could go two ways. He could be looking for another candidate to run against Jamal, but more likely he'll look for them to support his candidacy.

With Bassam's western influence and family background, he could be just the ruler that Abuddin needs. He's proved he's tough, he's not driven by a lust for power (yet) and he has a strong moral code. Yes, he killed the Sheik, but he truly analyzed his options and decided it was for the greater good.

If Bassam does undermine his brother, he better watch out. Jamal won't easily step aside now that he put his Maldives dreams aside, plus Leila will only encourage her husband to maintain control. An Al-Fayeed fight would be riveting to watch play out.

Does Bassam want to be President?

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