Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Partners

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As Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 opened with a mentally ill man taunting onlookers and police in Times Square, I kept waiting for them to use the stun gun. However, what happened next wasn't  the way I expected it to go at all.

Very often, police are put in no win situations. If they don't react fast enough and someone gets hurt, they are at fault. If they take action and it goes poorly, they are at fault.  Although Officer McCarthy followed procedure, he failed to address the risk of the oncoming traffic. It was an error in judgment but certainly not a deliberate one. 

When the mayor spoke up during that press conference I had to remind myself that this was a TV show. I can't imagine a mayor of a city dumb enough to admit that the city made a mistake and apologize publicly. Every lawyer on the city's payroll would scream that he was handing Stapleton's family the words they would need to win a multi-million dollar lawsuit. 

But while the mayor spoke, Frank sat their mute. He later told Erin that it never would have happened a couple of years ago. What's changed?

I loved that Sgt. Gormley stood up to Frank in this Blue Bloods quote

What was missing was you putting it in perspective for the media vultures out there looking for any opportunity to tear down cops.

Sgt. Gormley

In this case, Frank let the mayor bully him into letting his officers down. We've never really seen that happen in the series before and it makes me wonder where we're headed in Blue Bloods season 5

Danny ended up with his own issues as he and Baez took fire while protecting a drug transport. On what other job do you risk your life to try and pay for your kid's braces?  

I was surprised by Baez's outburst at Danny afterwards. How long has she been holding back all of that anger and resentment or did she just need someone to blame.

Having her brother take a bullet for her was surprising and heartbreaking. At the end, she basically admitted that Danny was the closest thing to family she had left and one of the few people in the world she knew she could count on.

Jamie was certainly deep in denial when it came to his feelings about his partner. He was hitting that guy during the domestic dispute as though he was in a barroom brawl. Renzulli was right to call him out on it.

As Erin tried to point out, Jamie's feelings for Eddie are obvious to everyone but him…

You have to remember that I was there for your first crush. Theresa Mancini and she was bossy and opinionated and it's kind of your thing.


The barbs that flew between Jamie and Danny across the Sunday dinner table were great fun. They all acted a bit like 5th graders but then again, that's what siblings do sometimes and as annoying as it can be to be in the middle of, it's an awful lot of fun to watch.

So did Jamie make the right decision about his partner or will it come back to bite him? And has Frank changed the way he does his job since Blue Bloods season 1? If you need another look to make your case, don't forget you can watch Blue Bloods online via TV Fanatic to gather all the evidence.

Partners Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Frank: You have no idea what goes into those press conferences.
Sgt. Gormley: Well, I know what doesn't. The truth.

What was missing was you putting it in perspective for the media vultures out there looking for any opportunity to tear down cops.

Sgt. Gormley