Bones Season 10 Episode 1 Review: The Conspiracy in the Corpse

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Wow. What a premiere! Bones Season 10 Episode 1 certainly did not disappoint.

When the hour begins, Booth is prison. He's looking a bit grim, with a scruffy face and stone-cold eyes. It seems he has exactly one friend in prison, and everyone else hates him. He has a lot of enemies here because he's viewed as a cop killer. He gets in a brutal fight that's hard to watch, taking some serious punches.

So, when Brennan comes to visit soon after, he's short of breath and clearly in a lot of pain.

Booth: How is Christine?
Brennan: Terrified she'll never see you again. And so am I.

Brennan and her team have been working hard though, and Brennan has information that could get Booth released. Booth insists that Brennan should stay out of it, but since when does she take orders? With some newfound blackmailing skills, Brennan manages to get Booth released before the opening credits.

I have to be honest. I was really worried at this point. I thought for certain that the story line from Bones Season 9 was already being wrapped up, and that we were going to be moving on too quickly.

Boy was I wrong. And the case is far from being resolved.

Booth is angry with Brennan for taking things into her own hands, but he softens when she brings him home-- to a new home that she's prepared for their family. He's grateful to her, and we get a nice moment between them before he starts talking about the case again. A lot of this feels a bit rushed, but I'm sure we'll get to see more of how this affects their relationship throughout the season.

It doesn't take long for Booth to convince his boss that he should get his job back.  So with Brennan and Sweets at his side, he continues to work on the case. I'm glad that we see a real change in Booth. In some ways, he seems like a different character. He's angry and cold and doesn't feel the need to get dressed up.

Whoever did this to me and my wife-- they're gonna pay. Then after tha,t you can have my badge and my gun and you'll never see me again.


Brennan sees this right away, and even asks Sweets for advice. Even though Booth has been through trauma before, Sweets tells her that this time is different. This time, he's lost trust in something he truly believed in.

I'm really glad that we're going to see a bit more character change with Booth. So far, even when terrible things happen, he bounces back and he's the same person. But this time, I think we'll see a change that lasts.

There is some happy news in this episode. When Booth sees Daisy, she's pregnant. Booth is speechless and a bit emotional-- happy for his friend and believing that Sweets will make a good father. I do wish we had gotten more explanation, since the last we say of Daisy and Sweets' relationship wasn't exactly stable. All we know is what little Daisy tells us, but the two seem to be really happy.

Lance and I bumped into each other a few times this past year. And one of those bumps turned into a bump!


This episode also offers a new character who we learn little about, but who will obviously play a major role. He's Agent James Aubrey, and he's essentially here to spy on / protect Booth. Although Booth doesn't take kindly to Aubrey right away, I have to say-- I like this kid. He's a little quirky but it seems like he doesn't mess around. And early on he tries to win Booth's trust by helping him with the case-- even when he knows he could get in trouble for it.

From the looks of things, the case will be solved. But again, it isn't that simple. The body that the squints are examining for evidence is taken away just as they are about to crack the case. Or is it?

This is why I love Hodgins so much. His conspiracy theories have paid off, and he was several steps ahead of the game by switching out the remains before the government swooped in to take them away.

Now we can get that happy ending, right? Caroline is working her magic and Sweets is excited to use the sirens on his car.

Move fast cheri, this is a Cinderella warrant. When Sanderson's Attorneys find out about it, it'll turn into a pumpkin.

But what happened next, no one saw coming.

Aubrey calls Booth with urgent news, and he and Brennan arrive to a parking deck to see Sweets lying on the ground, covered in blood. No one is sure exactly what happened. Sweets is trying to explain, but he's losing consciousness. Brennan quickly realizes that Sweets is bleeding out.

This was probably the most emotional scene we've ever seen on Bones. Booth and Brennan hold back tears as Sweets tries to offer a few last words. They watch him die right there.

I appreciate the surprise, and I appreciate that this means this story line is one that will be carried throughout the season... but Sweets? And with a baby on the way? I'm devastated. He was one of the best characters-- and in a lot of ways, this is going to be like Booth and Brennan losing a child.

What did you think of this episode, and how do you feel about Sweets leaving the show? Leave us a comment and let us know!

And if you're like me, it's going to be hard to wait until next week to see the next episode. In the meantime, you can always watch Bones online right now via TV Fanatic!

The Conspiracy in the Corpse Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Whoever did this to me and my wife-- they're gonna pay. Then after tha,t you can have my badge and my gun and you'll never see me again.


The charges against me were dropped. No thanks to you. I have a right to my badge and my gun.