Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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There were a few old and significant faces in Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 12.

In the form of an old competitor and an old ally, we watched Bill manipulate the outcome of the public relations strategy that CBS had planned for the study.

Sharing Their Findings - Masters of Sex

After Bill and Virginia watch a preview of their CBS documentary, both are left incredibly disappointed. This did not come as much of a surprise considering how much censoring the network wanted to do. Bill realizes that the study is not ready to be aired and secretly works out a way to self-sabotage.

Bill manages to get a copy of the book that his California competitor Dr. Kaufman is releasing. Betty is the only person who knows he got his hands on it, because let's face it Betty knows everything! The book is light and well catered to the public. Bill is set on his decision.

Behind the scenes, Bill reaches out to Barton Scully, the much-missed Beau Bridges and has him call in a favor. It turns out that Kaufman's younger partner is none other than Ethan, Virginia's ex. Ethan also screwed over Scully's daughter so Scully made some calls and had their book and study released early by a competing network.

The only hitch with this whole plan is that Virginia was counting on the CBS airing to make her work look more legitimate. Her ex husband has decided to pursue custody of the children and was prepared to take Virginia to court. He openly acknowledged her affair with Bill and Libby finally did too. By the way, it's about darn time Libby!

George: It’s going to come up in court, in front of the judge, the fact that you watch people fornicating.
Virginia: Fornicating?
George: Fucking. That you’re having an affair with your boss.

While this was the logistical front story of the episode, behind the scenes there was a deeper look into the emotional component of sex. Bill and Virginia worked on his impotence and found that the two recent times he was able to perform was when he sought Virginia out for emotional reasons, unrelated to their study/affair.

They find some success and end off the episode sharing a possible cure with Barbara and Lester. This episode was a lot about new beginnings, new trust, and just seeing where things take you. JFK was sworn into office, which was obviously a significant event for so many reasons as he was a president who campaigned for a great amount of change and really ushered in a new era.

Libby for one is ready to just "feel" and see where everything takes her.


Maybe that’s the key, to let go of some ideal. To live the life that you have, not the life that you thought you would have. To finally just accept what is.


The scenes that Libby has with Robert are some of the best work she has done. She is always raw and vulnerable and it makes me like her character even more. 

I thought this was a great final installment for Masters of Sex season 2. It left us off with a lot to look forward to, some major changes, and had a few surprises that were well used and not gimmicky.

What did you think of Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 12? Did you enjoy the guest stars? Let us know in the comments!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Review

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Art’s not supposed to be clever, it’s supposed to be true. True to life.


George: Why can’t I have changed?
Virginia: You have changed, changed for Audrey. While I’m so pleased that she has managed to acquaint you with fatherhood in these past six months, lets not forget that I’m the one who has been here for them since the beginning.