Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Captain

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No more Cookie for you!

On Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 12 our erstwhile hero was all business. It's taken a long time, and Ray is damn tired, but it appears he's ready to fix his own life, come what may.

The hour moved incredibly fast. I'm still reeling a little from whiplash and I love it.

Abby Has to Choose - Ray Donovan

I'm not sure why everything seems to go Mickey's way, but he came out on top of his otherwise frakked up situation after the robbery. Even when he's defeated by the discovery of just how much cash was in the safe, is beaten over the head by Starsky's (really, does anyone think of him as anyone other than Starsky?) tennis racquet and told he'll never see Claudette again, he still winds up with a million bucks.

Take it easy. He's movin'.


As ridiculous as the whole story with The Captain and Linda has been, it's hard not to wonder exactly what the guy is hearing. What are the odds a random horse would stop at him so he could hear it speak, only to learn it was Linda saying she was in a better place?

The best part of the story is that it did continue to eat away at him and he did really regret getting her into that situation. She was truly a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If she can forgive Mickey, maybe there's hope for Ray to do the same as their situations were similar. Wrong place, wrong time.

I can't think of a reason they would need to bring Mickey back in Ray Donovan Season 3 other than to show he's a reformed man. If he's heading to Mexico, maybe the family can vacation there.

How can Avi salvage his relationship with Ray? Killing Kate for Ezra was done on the assumption that she had shared none of her work with her editor. The odds on that in the real world are pretty slim. They seemed to talk quite frequently, so walking off with her computer doesn't mean much in this day and age. 

Ray's hope that it was Cochran who had Kate killed was more of an excuse for him to use the tape to keep Cochran out of Washington than anything else. He know in his heart that it was someone close to him who dared make that move, but it was good to see Cochran thrust down the ladder.

Of course, just as Ray made his decision, Cochran turned more goofus again, more like he was when we first met him that the man he became as things heated up. All he needed was a guitar and a leather jacket to sing away his pain.

Ray going directly to Ezra for Kate's death instead of taking it out on Avi was a dream, wasn't it? That whiny old man always sitting behind a desk commanding people to do the dirtiest of dirty deeds doesn't get to have what he wants. Ezra desperately needed money to create the GRCC so it shouldn't be that easy for him to navigate the bad press or rebuild.

Ezra: It's all gotten away from you, and I needed to make it right. I love you. Avi loves you.
Ray: It's over Ezra.

Steve Knight continued to be an interesting character, even as he was lead away in handcuffs. He wasn't lying when he said he and Ray are a lot alike, and thankfully the areas they share similarities aren't the ugly ones carried by Steve. 

We're the same, aren't we? I knew it the minute I met you.


While I hope there isn't more sex involved in their future, I like the friendship between Ray and Ashley. They're like two lost souls who can trust each other. She's far different than she was when we first met her and she would never hurt Ray. They count on one another in their greatest times of need. Ray just needs to steer clear of using her sex to cover his darkest moments.

The appeal of Abby continues to assault the senses. Jim Halloran even created a room for her children, proving he could and would protect her. Abby had a moment of sanity when she agreed it was wrong of her to ask him to go against his moral code, but she was flattered he would do what he could to ensure her families' safety.

The actor who plays Jim, by the way, can now be seen as a police officer on Chicago PD. He's actually quite interesting over there, so far at least.

Poor Bunchy. In group he got it all out that he doesn't think he should be near naked kids because he thinks he could, possibly, do to them what was done to him. They gave him the confidence to realize that just wasn't true, although the fear was common among victims. It's hard to fault his girlfriend for not wanting him around, even knowing the facts.

They say it's a common thing. That you know you won't do it, but you think that you will. But you know you won't.


While I think her reasoning was wrong, it will take a truly exceptional woman for Bunchy to open up early and gain acceptance before getting too close as to get hurt. Honestly, he deserves that.

Killing the priest really set Terry on a strange path. He fought so hard to prove to Frances that he was a good man, and then with the robbery just flipped everything on its head. It was a really long and winding way to get money to fix Fite Club, but it's done now and Mickey is out of his life. For now.

So we have Ray, who did for his daughter exactly what Abby wanted another man to do. With no friends in high places and even those closest to him not trusting him to do the right thing, where does that leave him? While the thugs most likely won't say a word about Cookie, it will always be hanging out there. 

Ray: You gonna shoot me Cookie?
Cookie: I don't know Ray. I don't always wanna be lookin' over my shoulder.
Ray: Yeah, I know the feelin'.

What does it say about Abby that she had more love on her face for Ray than she's ever shown before because he killed someone to protect their family? I suppose it says they're well matched, but Ray doesn't look happy. He has done so much that he can't take back. 

With a new showrunner for the third season, it's impossible to imagine the direction of the series next year. Ann Biderman has been the heart and soul of Ray Donovan and while she'll be a consultant, what she says won't have to be. From what I understand, the relationships between all parties are healthy so we can hope the strength will only continue to build upon what has been achieved in Ray Donovan Season 2.

It's been a hell of a ride. There have been edge of your seat moments, scream out loud moments and scenes so heartbreaking we were brought to tears. Then we had Conor's birthday and a dancing scene so joyful we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

Even with most loose ends tied up, it's going to be a very long time until summer of 2015.

The Captain Review

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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Take it easy. He's movin'.


Ray: You're a good man, Terry.
Terry: What the fuck do you know about bein' a good man, Raymond?