Z Nation Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Philly Feast

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Cassandra's "friend" Travis threatened to expose her little secret last week. Now we know he was referring to her preference in food.

That's right, Z Nation Season 1 Episode 3 gave us cannibals before The Walking Dead had a chance to resolve the Terminus mystery. Hey it's their damn fault for dragging storylines out so frakkin' long.

We met Tobias, his catatonic wife and their very unconventional "family." As well as a few guests they were having for dinner. Eeeek!

Plus the Liberty Bell went for a spin, smashing a bunch of Zombies along the way. This show is pure madness, but in a fun way.

"Philly Feast" starts off with a flashback. Cassandra (a.k.a. Sunshine) is preparing to have sex with some dude in exchange for drugs. When we first met Cassandra someone mentioned the way she was dressed, hinting at the fact she was a prostitute. I thought the writers might switch things up since that was very obvious. They did in a way, Sunshine was a flesh eating prostitute. That's new right?

Enter Tobias Campbell, who creepily talks about loving all his children then tases Cassandra to prove it. what?!? Nutbar!

Our survivors enter The City of Brotherly Love and spot The Liberty Bell. How insane was it when that thing breaks free and squashes the Z's leaving half their legs standing. Z Nation never fails to deliver on it's promise to do things that other Zombie show wouldn't.

How bizarre and uncomfortable that table of "family" members were as Tobias went on about Sunshine leaving a hole in the family.

In the Arctic at Northern Light, Citizen Z is dining on steaks with his new pup (which he hasn't named yet). It's not long before Addy contacts him via a police car radio. He asks her if the "package" is safe but before she can reply Tobias' men drag her off.

I miss the old days before Edward Snowden and... zombies.

Citizen Z

Mack returns to the police car and learns Addy's missing. Citizen Z tells him he heard human voices in the background while talking to Addy. Mack's not a dumb jock after all. He puts two and two together and figures Cassandra know what's up.

Cassandra confesses the "family" is more like a cult and that Tobias lost his mind after Black Summer when his wife got sick. They don't kill their victims, it's much worse.

Back at Tobias' dinner table, Addy is learning more about this strange group. As if he's not wacko enough, Tobias plays the organ all mysteriously. Not sure what that was all about, but it was hilarious as hell. Bottom line, they want Addy to join the family.

I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.


After her cannibal makeover, Addy wanders around and comes across some type of cavern. She quickly realizes the people in there are not dead, but missing body parts. Tobias calls out "Dinner's ready!" So wrong Ha!

The scene with the person being skinned was nasty. It's probably right up there with Hannibal's Mason Verger feeding his face to Will's dogs. Of course, Verger is cloaked in darkness and Tobias is out in the open for all to see.

Garnett arrives at the gate and threatens to kill them all unless Addy is released. I think if they had sent Roberta instead the cannibals might have taken the threat more seriously. Tobias simply wants to exchange Addy for Sunshine. Cassandra agrees and Addy is set free.

As everyone packs to leave, Cassandra already a distant memory, Addy tells them they can't leave the girl there with these freaks. Roberta takes Addy's side and they radio Citizen Z for some music. Isn't it odd how somehow Citizen Z always has something to do? He broadcasts on an AM frequency and they blast it causing the Z's to chase their truck.

Doc shows up to sample Sunshine's wares, but in reality he's there to break her out at the right time.

As Garnett slams through the gate, Z's in tow, Doc and Cassandra break free. Loved when she tased the psycho in the mouth. 10K's bullet's eye view of the shot through the sniper's mouth was just plain cool right? That scene win's the episode!

Zombies overrun Tobias' camp and when he takes shelter in the cavern his guests make dinner out of him.

Granted this installment wasn't as action-packed as the previous two, but it managed to keep the same pacing. I think this was our "gross out" episode, and it definitely delivered in that regard.

What did you think of "Philly Feast"? Are you officially on board with this crazy ass show? You're turn zombie freaks, hit the comments section and share your thoughts on this week's installment. Make sure to come back next week for another review-cap!

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Philly Feast Review

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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I miss the old days before Edward Snowden and... zombies.

Citizen Z

I look like a post-apocalyptic stripper.