Alexandra Breckenridge to Appear on Multiple Episodes of The Walking Dead

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Alexandra Breckenridge is headed to AMC.

The American Horror Story alum will appear on multiple episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5, sources have confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Alexandra Breckenridge on FX

Details on the role are broad at best, but Breckenridge will portray Samantha, a character described as intelligent, charming and articulate. She’s vulnerable, bohemian-spirited mother and also a talented artist.

It's possible that the name "Samantha" is merely a placeholder in order to maintain the role's mystery.

The Walking Dead returned this past Sunday to a record audience of over 17 million viewers.

The premiere found Rick and company (barely) escaping Terminus and ending up back on the road again.. to who knows where?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 is titled "Strangers" and it will introduce at least one new character.

To catch up on the opener, you can watch The Walking Dead online right here and now:

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